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The Dangerous Quality You Must Address Based On Your Birth Order

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Only Child

Only children are usually taught to put themselves first — which is a beautiful concept. It’s important to practice self-love and prioritize yourself to live a full, successful life. However, if you’re not careful, self-centeredness could become your toxic trait. You don’t want to disregard the thoughts and opinions of others because the only opinion you care about is your own. You don’t want to assume everyone else is automatically wrong and you’re right. You don’t want to refuse to meet friends and partners halfway because you want to have things your way all the time. You need to compromise and share if you want strong, healthy relationships with people outside of yourself.

Oldest Child

Oldest children are usually taught to be leaders who make their own decisions and forge their own paths. Although it’s important to take charge in certain situations, if you’re not careful, bossiness could become your toxic trait. You don’t want to treat everyone else like they’re beneath you like they aren’t as smart and talented as you. Even though you might be the wisest person in the room, that doesn’t give you the right to order others around. Sometimes, you need to listen to others and let them take the lead instead.

Middle Child

Middle children are usually given the freedom to act spontaneously and take more risks than their siblings. While it’s important to experience as much of the world as possible and live life to the fullest, if you’re not careful, your rebelliousness could become your toxic trait. You don’t want to break the rules just because you can. Those rules might be keeping you safe. They might be for your own good. It’s okay to carve your own path if that’s what you decide is best — but don’t stir up trouble just because you’re bored and want attention.

Youngest Child

Youngest children are usually spoiled because they’re the baby of the family. While it’s important to know your worth and ask for what you deserve, if you’re not careful, greed could become your toxic trait. You can’t always get everything you want all the time. Sometimes, you have to compromise. You have to let others get what they want for a change. If you throw a fit whenever your partner or friends get to choose the restaurant or the movie, they aren’t going to want to spend much time with you. Even as an adult, you need to remember to take turns and share.


Twins are usually taught to share and play nice with their siblings because they are growing up at the same pace. Although it’s important to be generous and charitable throughout life, if you’re not careful, your non-confrontational nature could become your toxic trait. You don’t want others to walk all over you. You don’t want them to take and take without expecting anything in return. You don’t want to be a pushover who accepts whatever treatment you’re given. It’s okay to stand up for yourself, demand more, to keep certain things for yourself. You don’t have to keep giving pieces of yourself away. No one is entitled to your time or your heart.

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