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Horoscope Of Deep Transformations

How the entry of Mars in Scorpio affects you

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This year, Mars activates the potent energy of Scorpio twice. This affects all signs in a surprisingly beneficial way and brings periods of astonishing transformation. The first period of Mars in Scorpio began on January 3rd and will end on March 6th. The second phase, this time retrograde in Scorpio, will begin on May 28 and end on June 29. The flow of energy comes from the two natures of the patrons. Mars is the cosmic warrior, in whose path nothing ever stands.

His journey through the occult Scoprion works in a surprisingly subtle but very powerful way. This means that the changes will not come very suddenly, but they will be obvious and will lead to enormous progress for all signs of the zodiac. Moreover, Scorpio is the sign of the power of regeneration, which means that people will find new resources and forget, but very strong hopes.

Both in the winter period and in the retrograde period, we will be able to give up all the things, people, and habits that hinder our progress and this may mean for some of us the breaking of some relationships that have been consumed but that they could not give up until now. Therefore, here is how your zodiac sign influences the energetic Mars-Scorpio duet.

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Marta’s strong energy will directly influence the sexuality sector in the case of Aries. This can mean a stronger intimate connection for these natives and their partners but, at the same time, it can mean a very strong sexual desire, a physical attraction that is hard to explain in words towards another person. It would not be out of the question for Aries to have a choice between an old love story and a new passion that they feel they need like air.

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Mars in Scorpio means for Tauruses the activation or potentiation of the dominating instincts, usually easy to tolerate in their case. This can mean a new feeling of possessiveness towards your partner that you have to temper. Despite this, Taurus are going through an ideal period for marriages or engagements. At the same time, it is a productive period in terms of collaborations and business partnerships, which is why you may have some unexpected financial resources.

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For Gemini, both periods when Mars is in Scorpio imply crowded, stressful, downright annoying but unexpectedly productive days. Of course, they will work very hard, but their efforts will be rewarded in due measure. They must be very careful about the way in which they will communicate and their relationship with their life partner precisely because of the previously mentioned stress. It is recommended to keep calm and use your native diplomacy.

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Cancers are in love with their heads in the clouds. Mars brings a new creative edge, especially on the relational level. This will make them more adventurous than usual and they are willing to try new sensual experiences. The period promises to be very full for them, even more so for Cancers who have a stable partner. In their case, it is the best time to get married, get engaged, or even conceive a child. As far as the financial side is concerned, money can come to Cancers from a talent they didn’t know they had.

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Leos do not get along wonderfully with the Warrior’s transit in Scorpio. They will be very authoritarian and will have a hard time accepting the opinions of others, something that can bring them trouble, especially in their married life. Also during this period, a change of address, changes in the house, or any other types of demanding domestic activities may occur. He must control his pride and above all, weigh his words very well.

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One of the most positive aspects of this transit in the case of Virgos is that they will learn to filter very well the relationships with the people around them. They will distance themselves from those who do not add any value to their lives, regardless of the role these people played. Virgos will leave behind everything that does not contribute to their development and, automatically, this implies major changes either on love or professional level.

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Libras, who are by nature with their heads in the clouds, will do something less characteristic for their zodiac sign, the debt of Mars: they will be down to earth and will be very attentive to the financial aspects of life. They will be very productive and surprisingly realistic. They have chances to make good investments and if they listen to their intuition, they can earn money very easily from financial speculation. At the same time, it will be an ideal period to establish a business.

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Not surprisingly, Scorpio natives go through two excellent periods when Mars enters their sector. As at his home, the Warrior will instill in them a lot of work power, ambition and passion. They will be the stars of these days, they can make new friends and those who are sure will find a partner very easily. Problems can arise in the case of Scorpios who are already in a relationship because the attention they receive can be a temptation for them and they can let themselves be seduced by other people.

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Mars will amplify the secretive, downright occult side of Sagittarians. These natives will weave and weave plans upon secret plans, but they have very well-developed strategies. Thanks to these skillful and discreet movements, I can obtain surprising advantages on a professional level. They can be promoted or receive a salary increase, but they must be very careful about attacks from the shadows. Their lack of communication and tenacity can cause absolutely free unpleasantness in terms of love and it is up to them to avoid them or at least manage them in a correct manner, including with their partners.

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For Capricorns, a crucial period is coming. The subtle changes that will take place now have a decisive impact on the future of these natives. They are braver than usual and will start bold projects aimed at their career or even the purchase of a home. The loving plan easily takes a backseat, but this does not mean that they will completely neglect their partners. At the same time, single natives will develop stable relationships with people across the border, both personal and professional.

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Although it is not their most ardent desire and they can live without it, Aquarius natives have great chances to advance in their careers or even to start independent professional projects. You have to trust them and their inner resources because they have a good chance of success. At the same time, they will discover new personality traits that will strengthen their positions as leaders or pillars of the house. As far as the personal plan is concerned, only stable and long-lasting relationships will come out of this period intact.

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Mars brings good news, especially for Pisces who do not yet have a stable partner. During these periods, they will have the opportunity to make at least one trip across the border where they can meet a special person, if not their soul mate. Moreover, completely atypical for them, they leave shyness aside and can embark on new love adventures. This would not be a problem, but it is also perfectly valid for Pisces who already have a partner. Therefore, they especially have to show a lot of prudence when they have to make decisions.

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