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What You Should Know About Your Friends, According to Their Zodiac Sign

It’s funny to follow astrology. Maybe not everything fits perfectly, but sometimes you are surprised by how the “puzzle” is solved. Knowing your friends’ zodiac sign can help you connect better with them.

Thus, you will find out why your Taurus girlfriend wants to stay at home surrounded by scented candles or why your Capricorn friend always works late. The zodiac sign of your friends can also tell you why you sometimes contradict each other so fiercely, and why you look at certain life situations differently.


You probably already know that Aries is “on fire” (obviously, they are a fire sign). Also, they are extremely passionate about friends, family, and everything they care about. Their passion can make them very intense. If someone insults you, tell your Aries friend, because he will fight anyone who tries to hurt you. Aries can get competitive, so playing board games or sports with him might not be the best idea unless you want to fight for the rules. Aries tend to be temperamental, so try to be calm to remind them to balance their energy when they get angry.


Bulls can be stubborn. Don’t expect them to do as you say once they have made up their minds. Don’t be upset if your Taurus friend would rather stay home and watch Netflix than have dinner with you – it’s in his nature to be comfortable. When you convince a Taurus to go out, you can only expect the best restaurants, bars, and museums, because Tauruses like decadence. They are also a good shopping partner, but they could be a bad influence because they will convince you to buy everything.


You may find that your Gemini friends always dominate the conversation because they love to talk about anything. Geminis have a bad reputation for being “two girls”, but they are just adaptable. So one aspect of their personality might come out around you, while another becomes stronger when they are with their family. I often multitask and think about a million things at once. Gemini can sometimes seem frivolous because they try to do too many things at once and see everyone, which is why they miss meetings. A Gemini will also be your smart friend, the one who has a witty word for every situation.


Cancer is the friend you go to when you need comfort. He likes to take care of others, so he will be able to help you in a difficult time or at least give you the most honest advice. Like Tauruses, Cancers are creatures who adore the comfort of their home. They might prefer to order takeout and watch a movie than go out to dinner. Cancers are super emotional, so you will have to be prepared for intense feelings and mood swings.


Leo’s friends are as loyal as can be. They will be the ones you can rely on even when you do something stupid. However, please don’t get upset when he steals the spotlight. They may not know they are doing it – but they tend to draw people to them. Although they like attention, it is a misconception that they are self-centered. No one will praise his friends more than a Leo and will not give better gifts. Leos have a reputation for being arrogant, but they’re simply not afraid to appear confident (and deep down, they might try to hide their insecurities). Your Leo friend will probably want to make all the decisions in the group because he likes to take charge.


Virgos are the planning friends. When you date a Virgo, you can expect every detail to be thought out in advance. A Virgo is probably also your germophobic friend. If you need help cleaning your apartment, he’d probably love to help you and even come up with cleaning solutions that are more effective than yours. Virgos have high standards for themselves and others, so they can be a bit critical from time to time – they just want the best for everyone.


Libras are super social, you can go with them to any party and you’ll have a great time. If you get into an argument with a Libra, you might see their passive-aggressive side. Libras hate confrontation, so when they find themselves in a fight, they’ll do everything they can to avoid talking about it directly. Since Libras despise making difficult decisions and want to please everyone, it will probably be your job to make choices when you go out. Libras also love anything aesthetically pleasing, so they will help you choose the perfect dress.


Scorpios may seem distant when you meet them for the first time, but once you get to know them, they will become fierce friends (second only to Leos). The downside is that sometimes they can become jealous because they care so much about the people in their lives. Don’t feel offended if it seems like your Scorpio friend is hiding things from you because they tend to keep some secrets to themselves. Although they might not express the emotions that often, they have powerful feelings – they are a water sign after all.


Sagittarius is a fun and charismatic friend. He constantly tries new things and is always willing to do something crazy. He is a great travel companion because he loves to explore new places and learn about other cultures. You will be constantly on the move with them because Sagittarians have a lot of energy. However, they can seem a bit “scattered” because they try to do everything at once. Sagittarians tend to be optimistic and enthusiastic, which makes them excellent company when you’re feeling sad.


Capricorns can be workaholics, so take it as a compliment if they take time out of their day to be with you. However, don’t expect to make spontaneous plans with them, because of Capricorns like structure and routine. They want to be able to prepare for every possible scenario, so they are often great planners (just like Virgos). Capricorns are responsible and quiet, people you can call on to water your plants or sit with your cat when you travel. Capricorns are also known for not wanting to ask for help and not showing their emotions, so you may need to ask them how they are feeling if you know they are going through a difficult time.


An Aquarius is probably your single-minded friend, the one who doesn’t care what others think of him. It will introduce you to new music and TV shows, most of which are so cool that you’ve probably never heard of them before. You might watch indie movies together or study paintings by unknown artists. Sometimes they can seem cold because they are very intelligent and tend to put rational thoughts above emotions. Aquarians care about humanitarian causes, so your friend may have strong convictions about politics and would like you to join them as a volunteer.


Pisces are creative friends. They will probably suggest you go to museums or art galleries when you go out. They also enjoy their alone time and it might be hard for you to get them to go out with you at times. If you feel like your Pisces friend is reading your mind, you might be right – they are super intuitive and can easily understand your emotions. Pisces tend to be emotional and empathetic and like to help others.

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