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Astrology: Top 5 Most Intuitive Women Of The Zodiac

Each zodiac sign is known by the personality and character traits it imposes on the natives.

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The sign influences how a person is and how he behaves with people in certain difficult situations in life. Even if some people do not believe in horoscopes, this does not mean that the signs do not influence their moods, because everyone is prone to certain feelings depending on how and where the stars were positioned at the time of their birth. While some are relaxed and calm, others are nervous and always have something to say. These traits can vary quite a lot even between natives, let alone between signs because there are a lot of factors to consider when making an astrogram. So each one is unique.

Personality horoscope: 5 qualities and 1 defect depending on the sign


Positive attitude – positive attitude must be a daily presence in our lives, not only in difficult moments and Aries understand this perfectly. I understand that you cannot control the outside world, except to a very small extent, but the most important thing is that everyone has full control over their inner state;

Romantic – “Romanticism is beauty without limits, infinite beauty,” said a great man of culture, and these natives unanimously approve it;

Enthusiastic– at the beginning of any project, love story, or anything else important in life, everyone has this state. Butterflies in the stomach, impatience to implement everything that crosses your mind, and that inner happiness that you feel that if you don’t share it immediately it will disappear, but people born under this sign know better than anyone how to keep this state for the long term long;

Slightly childish – being childish in the way of looking at the world with curiosity, enthusiasm, and innocence is not something to get rid of like a disease, but it is a sign of an eternally young soul, it is a state of mind that these people have adopted everything;

Concerned with their own needs– although it cannot be said that they are selfish, on the contrary, Aries know what is most important to them and put themselves first;

Aggressive – Aggressive behavior shows a firm position of one’s own rights, a wrong expression of thoughts and emotions in a way that affects others. This is what is not understood properly every time, that you don’t necessarily have to be aggressive to impose yourself.

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Perspicacity – the natives of this sign are endowed with a sharp, penetrating mind, and are able to catch and understand what escapes the majority, they have a sharp mind, and they are quick;

Sensuality – Taurus are neither the most beautiful people, nor the smartest, nor the most sympathetic, but they have that something that easily charms those around them;

Obstinacy – “The strange power of doing some things indifferent to life with care, frenzy, obstinacy, as if life depended on them; this is what it means to live.” quoted from Paul Valery;

Optimism– optimism is discovered individually and therefore cannot be given to man as a notion or as a simple lesson. The man himself must show the optimism in his being, without consciously waving a protocol smile on his face, and Tauruses do this very well;

Indulgence – these people have an indulgent attitude toward mistakes;

jealousy – Jealousy is a normal human emotion and many people feel it in small doses throughout their lives. A little jealousy doesn’t hurt anyone, at worst you can feel ashamed for such a feeling. The problem starts if you are one of the unlucky ones who are consumed by jealousy. If you don’t learn to control it, it will destroy your relationship and make your life unpleasant.

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He is attracted by novelty – like anyone curious from birth, a true Gemini does not follow the saying according to which the curious die hard and learns everything he can from any new situation, he is interested in unique things and is known by very few people and tries any new product that appears on market;

Curious – their curiosity goes hand in hand with the attraction for novelty, they simply cannot stop at conventional things and want to learn more and more;

Sociable – they go to a lot of parties and easily integrate into any group, which is why they have a lot of friends;

Creative – they always work on a revolutionary project and have an inclination for art, they also easily get out of problematic situations by showing creativity;

Jumper – anyone who needs help can confidently turn to Gemini because they will be ready at any time to help someone in a worse situation. They don’t even need to be told anything because they have a very developed sense and jump as soon as they see that someone is sad or needs money;

Difficult to conquer – due to their complex nature, they are more difficult to conquer, but this helps them not to choose with a broken heart after every sentimental failure.

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Lover – if one word had to be chosen to define Cancers, it would be “lovers”. They quickly become attached to anyone and are not shy to show their love;

Cautious – even if they fall in love quickly, they take care to take precautionary measures, first of all they find out essential things about the person in question, to be sure that they have not come across a criminal and only then open their soul;

Caring – even when they are small, they show an extraordinary nature when in kindergarten they make sure that those in the small group don’t cross the street irregularly and don’t hurt themselves in the sand pit, and when they are older they make sure that their loved ones take their pills at a time and eat properly;

Intuitive– we can even say that they have great intuition when they grasp the intentions of each new person they meet and when the first impression never deceives them;
Protector – they always protect their friends from bad things and inappropriate gossip and they always want to take the first step in an unknown world, lest the people they are with get into trouble on the way; Indecisive – their only flaw would be that they have a hard time deciding what they want to do with their lives. Since they are more concerned with taking care of those around them, they forget that at least from time to time they have to put themselves first.

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Generous – what Leos like the most, besides being in the center of latency, is sharing their little with others. In addition, if someone asks them for something, whether it’s a good friend who wants a loan or a pregnant woman who craves candy, the Leos share with great joy, with a tip and fullness;

Confident – they are confident that everything will be fine and see the world in pink tones;

Strong – these people show extraordinary strength in the face of life’s difficulties, such as someone’s death or a wrong investment in the stock market, they fall and get up every time;

Exuberant – sometimes they get carried away and are more exuberant, but that is part of their charm and everyone loves them for who they are;

Enthusiastic – they often prove to be very enthusiastic, the saying they follow is that they want, they can and they do, so they get involved in countless projects and, at the top, they see them all through to the end with great results;

He always has something to comment on – what is not exactly good about these natives is that they always have something to comment on, they are never satisfied and have the advice to give, suggestions to make;

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Modest – modesty feels at home in the sign of Virgo, because these people shine pure and simple, they are humble but extremely modest;

Meticulous – they like to do everything slowly but surely, they don’t want to miss anything and follow the rules in the manuals

Intelligent – they show above average intelligence and the greatest geniuses were born in this sign;

Perfectionists – they like everything to be on point and nothing to go out of style, which is why they work as much as it takes before handing over a project so that it comes out without a stain and they are praised for it;

Shy– it would not always be said, but the natives of this sign are actually very shy, they prefer to stay in their own corner rather than stand out;

She has a tendency to criticize too much – any Virgo always finds something to criticize, whether etiquette was not respected at a ball or a woman is wearing too much make-up, in any circumstance something bothers Virgos and despite their shyness, they find the necessary resources to express their dissatisfaction at any cost.

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Diplomat – there are two main ways to resolve a dispute: by force or diplomacy. Not every dispute has to be solved only by fighting and diplomacy can be used to gain a strategic advantage and find a solution;

Graceful – grace is the quality of being elegant, having good taste, and doing everything in moderation, with refinement and style, and Libras are the best at this;

Nice – Libras have a really nice character, they don’t upset anyone and behave nicely even with the last person, they don’t give a damn about anything but just take credit for their job well done and what can be nicer than that much;

Loving– I am sometimes suffocatingly loving, even if they don’t want to hurt anyone, they end up showing their love in the middle of the street and this bothers many;
Charming – whatever flaws they have, no one can be mad at them because of their irresistible charm. Without making any effort, they are liked by everyone and have an innate elegance;

Indecisive – what is not very good for those born in Libra is that they have a hard time deciding on anything, from minor things such as what color to wear the new shirt to more important decisions such as when to get married, in the end, they to a compromise, but often it is already too late and they can no longer enjoy the good decision they made.

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Determined – these natives seem to never lose their determination, they have an inner strength and strength that they show all the time and that helps them to be focused on the important things in life;

Strong – their strength comes more from within, they find the necessary resources to move on after a disappointment or trouble and recharge their batteries with small things, but pleasing to their soul;

Dynamic – they are dynamic people, they love teamwork and they can’t sit still for a moment. They like to be always busy, always doing something new and making themselves available to anyone who needs help;

creator– he shows his creativity at the most appropriate moments, as detective McGuiver did when he was caught in various traps. He easily gets out of complicated situations and shows creativity even in the case of gifts for someone, because he never resorts to the classic flowers accompanied by candy;

Secretive – knows how to keep a secret and you can always trust a Scorpio, who by nature doesn’t really talk about intimate things with anyone other than maybe a very good friend from childhood;

Obsessed – he risks becoming obsessed when he sets his eyes on someone and follows him everywhere, calls him non-stop, even late at night and still reacts in the same way when he likes a new series, until he alphas everything possible about each individual actor is not allowed.

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Honest – they are not shy to say things by name and cannot lie, you can see on their face when they are not honest;

Intellectual – he reads a lot and is part of philosophical circles, in order to develop his thinking and vision about the world around him;

Enthusiastic – whatever they do they do with enthusiasm. Maybe you don’t catch them very easily with your ideas, but once they got involved in a project, they did it body and soul, with all their resources;

Optimist – if he was raised with love in the family, then he will be optimistic throughout his life, no matter how bad it turns out to be;

Freedom lover– everything until freedom. Here Sagittarians are able to fight until the white canvas for the right to free expression, free will, and everything that means freedom of movement. I am for the opening of the borders and for the abolition of the death penalty in prisons because it seriously defies human rights;

Careless – what they should work on would be their distributive attention, which they don’t really show. They are quite careless when it comes to their own physical appearance, which does not flatter them at all.

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Full of energy – a true Capricorn will always be full of life, will have unusual energy, and will be delightful because of this;

Caution – these natives are however cautious with the friends they make through clubs because they know how difficult it is to ensure your assets today, but especially how difficult it is to restore your savings after a tragedy;

Detached – even if they have a complicated life, they look at things with detachment, because they are aware of the fact that they have only one life that they want to make the most of;

Disciplined– they learn from a young age that they must be disciplined if they want to get the best out of life. Some of them learned this because they had military parents, others only knew how to take advantage of the teachings of the primary school teachers, who enriched their knowledge, in addition to the 7 years at home;

Quickly overcome difficulties – due to the fact that they are disciplined and always have energy and money resources to quickly overcome any type of difficulty that appears in their professional life and even in their romantic life;

Individualists – unfortunately, they are individualists or in any case, they always put themselves first, even if they don’t deserve it all the time.

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Independent – Aquarians break away from the family very quickly and enter the workforce at an early age, thus gaining a certain financial independence and managing not to be dependent on their significant other later on;

Friendly – they are very friendly with everyone and have a lot of knowledge in various fields, which helps them to be among the first to find out the news of worldly life;

Rational – I have the ability to be reasonable and think twice before doing anything;

Fair– I know how to be a good friend and I know how to be loyal to a boss. They don’t run away as soon as they find out a little detail about the life of someone dear to them and they don’t sell industrial information, or secrets from their fields of activity just because it would be better for them, they remain loyal to the people who give them proof of mutual respect;

Creative – creativity is one of their qualities;

Direct – many people get angry if someone is too direct and that is precisely why this attribute is passed to defects, it is a defect from the perspective of the majority, who cannot bear that the truth hurts.

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He has a rich imagination – a man born under the sign of Pisces will have a rich imagination, perhaps too rich for their own good;

Altruistic – he acts selflessly in favor of others out of pity for disadvantaged people and every time he gives something, he does it from the heart, without expecting anything in return, but he would appreciate at least a thank you from time to time;

Artist – they are inclined towards artistic jobs, which involve appearing on a stage, such as that of a singer or actor;

Intuitive – intuition never deceives these natives, who rely on it a lot;

Receptive – despite the other attributes, they turn out to be very receptive people to suggestions

Wasteful – Pisces must be very careful what they spend their money on, because they often run out of resources to pay the bills and risk leaving their comfort zone after just a few days of receiving their salary.

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