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What The Days Of The Week Bring You

Each particular day has a distinct meaning and can influence your destiny differently!

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Monday is the most unbearable, Friday the most awaited, and Saturday you don’t want it to end.

Each day of the week is ruled by a specific planet (and by a deity, it was believed in the old days), has distinct meanings, and brings you different opportunities or challenges.

The meaning of the days of the week


Ruled by the Moon, the first day of the week is one in which we lack growth and energy, but we are more sensitive and romantic than usual. It is good to spend a lot of time with the loved one, to meditate, and to analyze our thoughts, feelings, and plans because all spiritual activities are favored by the lunar star. On Monday, new friends can be made, and courtly men are viewed with greater openness by women.

Favored signs: Cancer

What colors to wear: white, silver, gray


On the day ruled by Mars, the god of war, it is said that there are three bad hours, perhaps because there is an increased risk of conflicts and amplified arguments. It is not a good day for negotiations or confrontations, instead, you can choose constructive energetic activities, such as physical exercises of all kinds. The laborious projects started on Tuesday are brought to a successful conclusion with increasing speed.

Favored signs: Aries and Scorpio

What colors to wear: red, burgundy, purple


On Wednesday you can do profitable business thanks to the planet Mercury, which favors trade and travel. It is the day when you work the most and most productively. At the same time, mental and intellectual activities, such as reading, studying and attending courses, seminars, and workshops, go to waste. It is not a good day to start a long-term love relationship.

Favored signs: Gemini and Virgo

What colors to wear: blue, green

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Jupiter brings harmony and understanding, especially in family relationships. It is a day of shopping and balance, favorable for communication and reconciliation with friends, lovers, and relatives, for going out on the town, but also for setting up a new business or starting long-term studies. Also on Thursday there are good chances that luck will smile on you (in money, in love, at work).

Favored signs: Sagittarius and Pisces

What colors to wear: yellow, blue, indigo, violet


The most pleasant day of the week, it makes you think of weekend relaxation. Thanks to the goddess Venus, all activities related to love, sexuality and pampering are welcome on Fridays. It’s a suitable day for declarations of love, romantic dinners, spa rituals. If you suffer from any condition, the medical treatment started on this day has every chance of yielding results. Charitable activities take place on Fridays.

Favored signs: Taurus and Libra

What colors to wear: pink, green, blue


It’s a good moment to analyze the week that just ended and make plans for the coming one. We are calm, patient, and objective, we can make correct decisions and solve long-postponed problems. Saturday is a good day even for solving legal problems that have been looming for months. There are also chances of financial gain.

Favored signs: Capricorn

What colors to wear: black, indigo


Positive energy and goodwill characterize this day ruled by the Sun! Small trips, meetings with friends and family, and rest are welcome and well-deserved on Sundays. It is also the day when we thank the divinity for all the blessings received throughout the week. If you have old conflicts to resolve, you have better chances of success on Sunday.

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Favored signs: Leo

What colors to wear: orange, yellow, gold


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