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How You Lose Weight According To Your Zodiac Sign

Find out which diet suits you best according to your zodiac sign!

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Fattening eating habits, as well as perseverance when it comes to following a weight loss program, can be influenced by the traits of your zodiac sign. Let yourself be guided (and) by the stars when you choose a diet so that the glove fits your personality and you don’t abandon one or two.

Which diet suits you according to your zodiac sign


You eat a lot out of appetite, out of pure pleasure, or… out of nerves. And when you gain weight, the fat is generally distributed evenly throughout the body. A long-term diet will bore you and you will abandon it because you get excited at the beginning, but if you don’t see results quickly, back off.

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Go for it.

Try an intense, short-term regimen, even if it’s more drastic. Or sign up for a weight loss contest, even in a small group, with your girlfriends. Since you can’t bear to come out in second place, you will give (down) everything you can! Demanding, team sports are also good, they help you use up your overflowing energy.


Sedentary by nature, you accumulate extra kilos overnight because in the absence of physical effort, everything you eat is deposited – and you kind of like to eat.

Go for it

You start to move. It doesn’t have to be who knows how demanding, the important thing is to get into your routine. A half-hour walk in the evening or an hour at the gym once every two days will give results. It works especially on the hands (tennis, weights) and the legs (running). The diet must be strict and not give you a choice between too many options.

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You burn calories very easily, if you set your mind to it, thanks to your metabolism. The risk is to put them back just as quickly, because of the nervous system. And since you’re always stressed…

Go for it

It replaces fattening snacks because there is no chance to give them up completely. Do you always have pretzels, peanuts, and candies to nibble on? Suppress your hunger in another way when you’re not in the mood: slices of carrot, apple, soybeans, and prunes are healthy options, with much fewer calories.

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Many lionesses have slender figures, which does not cause them problems. If you belong to the less fortunate category, you must control your inclination to eat a lot of meat and bread every day. And alcohol should be avoided, at least until you reach the desired weight.

Go to safety

The fitness room is made for you. Go to training and show what you can do! When the water flows over you and you feel like you’re going to give in, imagine how amazing you’ll be after you lose a few kilos. You know how much you like to show off your achievements!

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You don’t really indulge in culinary excesses, you generally eat right, but your lazy digestive system doesn’t really keep up with you. You like to have things under control, including your ideal weight, so you are demanding when you notice that you have jumped the horse.

Go for it

Because you are very meticulous, you are attracted to practical, well-organized diets that are also purifying and healthy for the body. You can try a detoxification regimen based especially on cooked vegetables or one that stimulates the metabolism. Or a diet with a fixed number of calories.

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Because you change your mind easily, you don’t even get to start a regimen, because you hear about another one that seems more tempting and you start it all over again. Movement is not your strong point, nor is discipline, because you are a very comfortable person, hard to get out of your comfort zone.

Go for it

It is ideal to keep a diet together with someone, for example, with your best friend or an office colleague who will keep you on the right track. Eliminate sweets and fats in favor of quality proteins (lean meat, dairy) and beneficial carbohydrates (cereals, fruits).

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You gain weight because it is difficult for you to control your impulses. The ones that push you from behind to eat non-stop. The good news is that you have a lot of willpower, so if you set your mind to losing weight, you will succeed. It’s all about convincing yourself that the time has come to take action.

Go safe

An extreme regimen that others would give up from the first day can motivate you. However, don’t starve yourself. Completely exclude trap foods and suppress your hunger with natural products. Running and cycling (or cycling, at the gym) are suitable sports for you.

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Hearty meals with friends, whether they are in town or during frequent visits from home, can get in the way of your diet. At work, he no longer organizes pizza orders and other crazy things with his colleagues. If you still like to eat a lot, tidy up your menu a bit.

Go for it

Give up fried foods, bread, and sweets for a while, and fill your pantry with fruits and vegetables of all kinds. Sports at the gym are not really for you. Go hiking, bike through the woods, and sign up for a marathon (and train for it).

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You have many culinary weaknesses and moments when you eat everything you see in front of your eyes. If you impose yourself, you resist temptations, the desired result being more important to you than any desire.

Go for it

Disciplined and patient, you can opt for a well-structured diet and fitness plan. If you go to a nutritionist or get a personal trainer, the measurements taken every week to motivate you enormously and make you want more and more from yourself. Especially if your results are better than others!

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You are not a fan of going to the nutritionist and counting calories. In any field, you want to get results by following your own rules. Usually, the lack of activity is the source of your fattening, so it would be better to replace the moments of boredom with a demanding hobby.

Go for it

How about a dance class? Depending on what you like (Zumba, afro, street dance), it helps you to be in shape, have fun and burn calories. Everything at once! The right diet is not one that starves you – for example, try a mono diet: you can eat whatever you want, but only from one food category.

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Your dreamy and indecisive nature doesn’t really allow you to stick to a strict regime, otherwise, you feel constrained and escape. The tendency to retain water can be controlled with a higher consumption of liquids (teas, soups, fruit juices).

Go for it

Try for a while to eat three meals a day and nothing extra in between, carefully measuring the portions. More fiber is also helpful. And to tone your body, choose yoga or another activity that helps you connect with your own self and the Universe. Swimming is also suitable, you’re just over the top!

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