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Body Language For Each Zodiac Sign

Body language defines you according to your zodiac sign!

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Some of us cannot hide our suffering, anger, joy, attraction, or antipathy towards someone for a moment, because the facial expression betrays them instantly, as do the involuntary gestures. Body language is more or less expressive and depends on the sign you belong to.

Body language according to your zodiac sign


When you stepped on the tail of a ram, his look tells you more than a thousand knives. Sorry, words. Very passionate, it is impossible for him to hide when he goes through one state or another: he rolls his eyes, bites his lips, punches the table… In everyday conversations, he gestures a lot, even tiresomely.

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You don’t need many words to realize that you have aroused the interest of a Taurus native, the gestures betray him immediately. Does he look you straight in the eye when you talk, without taking his eyes off it, as if he was thinking of hypnotizing you? It’s clear, you conquered him.

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If you test the patience of a Gemini with unnecessary discussions or make him wait for a long time in vain, he can’t sit still and conveys with every gesture that he doesn’t feel at ease or that you’re boring him, as the case may be. Doesn’t he pull away from you in public, does he touch you in passing when you’re talking? You have certainly captured his interest.

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Gestures that express care are reserved for loved ones, Cancers being mothers of their kind, in the bosom of the family or in public. On the other hand, Cancer can seem sad and lost for no reason, so don’t always get carried away by what the gaze of this water sign conveys, always caught in the tide of memories.

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Very expansive, they give the impression that they like everyone, but you’ll just as easily realize if they can’t stand someone. He loves to mark his territory with the help of non-verbal language, to show who is the boss. Leo women usually have long hair and wave it constantly to assert their femininity.

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They don’t gesture much, because they don’t like to draw attention to themselves, they prefer to go unnoticed. That’s why it’s almost impossible to read the feelings of the discreet Virgo based on body language. You can’t read her when she’s upset, or when she’s happy. You have to be patient for him to tell you what he feels.

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A Libra in love will make all kinds of romantic gestures, without caring what others think, and when he has a broken heart, he cannot mask his pain. It is music that awakens the body language of a Libra, whether it is in a place where it allows itself to dance wildly, or whether it is listening to it on headphones and beating the rhythm with its feet.

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If you hurt or offended a Scorpio, it makes you want to go underground with one look, words are superfluous, although they will come, even in an avalanche. All his eyes are empty when he’s in love and his eyes desperately search for yours. It’s that zodiac sign that can make love only with looks…

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The positive, energetic nature of Sagittarius can be read on his face. Kind and generous, he is the kind of person who inspires confidence. He looks you in the eye when you talk to him and is very spontaneous, expressing himself lightly through gestures and words alike.

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It is not easy to decipher the lives of a Capricorn based on his gestures, because he shows a lot of self-control. It is very possible that he is going through the worst day of his life and masking his suffering under an apparently smiling look. You have to know him well to understand what he doesn’t say.

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Contagious, wholehearted laughter is specific to Aquarius. As well as nervous laughter, when you drive them out of their minds. These natives tend to express their emotions with gestures rather than words, whether they sit with their hands on their hips and tap their feet or play lasciviously with a strand of hair…

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Introverted and shy, Pisces reveal themselves through hesitant gestures, especially when they are insecure and stressed. It’s hard for them to look straight into your eyes, they avert their gaze, they fidget a lot and it’s very possible that their handshake isn’t very firm at the first meeting. However, the mysterious air it exudes is attractive to many.

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