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What Brings You Inner Peace According To Your Mayan Sign

The symbolism of the 19 existing zodiac signs according to the Mayan zodiac!

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The ancient Mayans had complicated and impressive calendrical and astronomical calculation systems, completely different from the coordinates we know today. The symbolism of the 19 existing zodiac signs according to their zodiac has received countless interpretations over time, some of them retaining their mystery and uniqueness to this day. What traits, or inclinations you have, what you enjoy or what brings you luck depending on your Mayan zodiac sign, you will find out further.

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What symbol represents you in the Mayan zodiac

Mac (March 23 – April 11)

The hidden one – you are mysterious by definition, secretive, introverted. No one knows everything about you. You keep a place only for you in your soul and from there you get your strength. The lucky number three, of balance and perfection, characterizes you and keeps coming your way.

Kankin (April 12 – May 1)

Yellow Sun, Earth, Dog – very loyal, you are attached to both material and spiritual things, solar energy, and telluric forces. You find yourself and charge your batteries if you walk in the sunlight or walk barefoot through the grass, on the ground, or on the sand.

Muwan (May 2 – May 21)

Rain, Clouds, Firewater, and fire bring you luck and you can have special experiences on rainy days, with thunder and lightning. Very intuitive, you are not easily fooled, always showing special creativity and wisdom.

Pax (May 22 – June 10)

Sageata, Semanatul, Puma – borrow from the features of the Puma and you are a born leader. If you are given power, you use it in the best way and stand out in leadership positions. Your most valuable quality is perseverance. Like an arrow, do not deviate from the path until you reach your target.

Kayab (June 11 – June 30)

Goddess of the Moon, Tortoise – you are fascinated by the moon and everything related to it, and you must take advantage of the energies of the full moon nights. The characteristic wisdom of the turtle to make you carefully weigh any decision, to perfectly combine reason and sensitivity.

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Kumku (July 1 – July 20)

Harvest, Crocodile, God of rain and plants – you have a dual nature, you change your mind easily and you are not comfortable revealing your weaknesses. Like the crocodile, you are strong, and resilient and your strength lies in the fact that you know how to wait for the right moment. Your calmness is imperturbable.

Wayeb (July 21 – July 25)

The Earth, the Specter – you often feel like your own life is getting out of control, under the impulse of unexpected events. In order to reach balance and inner peace, explore your sixth sense with which nature has endowed you. Meditation is vital to you for a clear, overall vision.

Pop (July 26 – August 14)

The Jaguar, the Leader, the Earth – your special gift is to guide others, to open their eyes, to guide them on the right path. Balanced, you look at things with detachment and objectivity. To increase your vital energy, stay as often as possible with your feet on the ground, literally.

Wo (August 15 – September 3)

The night, the black sky, the storm – inclined towards mysticism, you find hidden energies and meanings all around. In your case, the night is really a good advisor, and the decisions made at night, lucky. Spend your evenings reading or meditating, to enrich yourself internally.

Sip (September 4 – September 23)

The red storm, the red sky, the deer – you have a special connection with fire and its color excites you. Wear red or orange! You ignite quickly, you are passionate, an example of ambition for others. The time spent quietly in the forest, among the trees, brings you new strength.

Sotz (September 24 – October 13)

The beginning of winter, Pisces and the Bat – you are resilient, you overcome any trials and rise stronger and more determined each time. Sometimes you can be cold, and distant, but behind the appearance hides a deep sensitivity. Intuition is your secret weapon, and places with water are the luckiest.

Sec (October 14 – November 2)

The sky and the earth – in your soul the dreamy nature is perfectly combined with the desire for balance and inner peace. It brings you good luck to meditate under the open sky, on clear days, or to live in a house with a view of the infinite blue. When you are at ananghia, you find the best solutions.

Xul (November 3 – November 22)

Dog, Bird Days – you are faithful and dedicated like man’s best friend, the dog. Flying birds also bring you luck, whether you have them as a pet or around your neck, in the form of a talisman. It fascinates you and helps you read about life after death and reincarnation.

Yaxkin (November 23 – December 12)

The new sun, the Sun God, Green – you were born under a protective sign, which protects you from the darkness of the soul and diseases. You can easily heal yourself and others, at least with a kind word, if you are not a doctor. Sometimes doubts grind you. Wear green and fill yourself with energy!

Mole (December 13 – January 1)

The clouds, the water, the jaguar – you react immediately, even without knowing it, to changes in the weather. Yvou feel best when you are surrounded by smooth waters, near the sea, lakes, and waterfalls. You like to solve mysteries. Friends and relatives consider you an always auspicious presence.

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Chen (January 2 – January 21)

Black storm, Black Sky, Moon – the most favorable for you is the time of night, after sunset and before sunrise. Spectacular things happen to you and the odds are on your side. Wear a moonstone pendant for positive energy!

Yax (January 22 – February 10)

Green storm, Venus – you have an affectionate nature, you are generous and loving. You bring peace and harmony wherever you go. The peace of others makes you happy, for which you sometimes neglect your own. The conciliatory spirit and characteristic calm save you from trouble.

Zak (February 11 – March 2)

The White Storm, the Constellation of the Frog – you are able to conquer the world in the early hours of the morning, then you have the best ideas and the courage to put them into practice. Go to bed and wake up early and your life will be better. You easily adapt to everything new, you love challenges and changes.

Keh (March 3 – March 22)

Red storm, deer, trees – the color red brings you good luck, which you should always carry on you, like a talisman. You are very attached to animals, to nature, you have a noble and delicate nature. You are an example of gentleness towards all living beings.

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