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Incompatible With Your Lover’s Sign? How Do You Make It Go Well!

Find out everything you need to do for the relationship to go well when you are incompatible with zodiac signs!

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Love happens naturally, without too many calculations. Later, when, in addition to all the good and bad, you find out that your zodiac signs don’t match, admit it, you don’t like it very well! Next, list some of the most incompatible zodiac signs and what to do to fix things.

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Incompatible signs: how to make it work

Aries – do you love a Pisces man?

Pisces is a bit sensitive for an Aries woman and eager for more affection than it is natural for you to give. You want to be free, he wants you to be dependent on him, and your spontaneity fascinates him, but disarms him many timesHe doesn’t feel the need to dominate, on the contrary, he likes it when you take control. The problem is that you, in turn, want a strong partner, a confident man, and Pisces may seem weak to you. For it to go well, bet on the fit in the bedroom, and you take advantage of the fact that you can shape it to your liking. Learn from him to be less cold and whatever you do, don’t neglect him!

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Taurus – do you love a Leo man?

Leo likes to wear his girlfriend like a trophy, and you are quite conservative, cautious, and discreet, so you will have to let go and learn to sit quietly on the pedestal that was intended for you. You must always put this man first, and never miss an opportunity to praise him for any small success. And temper your possessiveness, especially in public, because he will always be surrounded by admirers, but he will remain loyal. Stability is very important for both of them. Place it in the center of your being, if you really want to keep it there!

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Scorpio – do you love a Gemini man?

The Gemini man is one of the most libertine and superficial natives, he loves to flirt and is unlikely to give up this habit that drives you crazy. If he can’t stand something, it’s to limit his freedom, and your crises make you jealous and the need for control quickly puts him on the run. If you want to have a chance, you have to loosen up a lot and understand that he doesn’t want to take home all the women he meets, many times he’s just exercising his role as a conqueror. You can be enormously exciting, mysterious and passionate, rely on this to captivate him and keep his mind occupied!

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Libra – do you love a Cancer man?

You both need a determined partner to give you direction and neither can assume this role, that’s why you often feel insecure in this relationship. Great luck is like Libra, and Cancer detests adventures and longs for a quiet home, for the sake of which they are convinced that there is no great compromise. Your binder: communication. You are good at words, you manage to console and calm anyone with only carefully chosen words, so you can offer relief to the crazy Cancer after proof of love and attention. In addition, you understand each other very well in the bedroom.

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Aquarius – do you love a man Virgo?

If you are an Aquarius, you adore spontaneity and freedom, while Virgos are very organized, quiet, and shy. The men of this sign are so indecisive when it comes to long-term commitments, that they prefer to stay alone. You can conquer it only with your passion, with your unleashed energies. You are a dreamer, he is very practical, it will not be easy for you to get used to the moments when he is distant and critical. If you learn to close your eyes to the reproaches born out of nothing and put a higher value on the material, concrete things, so dear to him, you have a chance!

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Capricorn – do you love a Sagittarius man?

Your lover is sociable, exudes positive energy, lives intensely in the moment, ventures into crazy situations, and never gets discouraged, while you are the most organized person in the world. The man won’t take you out to a movie if you haven’t seen it on the agenda.

In order not to alienate him with your rigidity, do not categorically refuse all his initiatives. Does he want to leave the city for the weekend? Accept, show yourself delighted, after all you only have one life! Even if you are opposites, Sagittarius’ dose of madness is just what you need to get out of your routine.

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