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Words Of Power For Your Sign

Discover the affirmation that changes your life if you say it daily according to your zodiac sign.

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Each sign has shortcomings, qualities, defects, and dissatisfactions, all expressed, counted, and verbalized always, willingly or not, by the natives. In order to attract the positive energies of the Universe to your side, you must carefully choose the words suitable for your purpose on Earth, that is to say, and deepen certain auspicious affirmations according to your zodiac sign. They have the role of balancing you, potentiating all that is good and blurring all that is bad. By repeating them daily in the mind or even out loud, I give permission to the ego to evolve and gain goodwill and divine protection toward reaching a higher level of self-knowledge and fulfillment.

How do you attract the positive energies of the Universe according to your zodiac sign?


I am ready to discover the mission for which I came to Earth. I have no bad thoughts, I receive peace in my life, I learn with serenity what silence is. I respond with an open heart to my call and I know that a wealth of God’s greatness is reflected in me.

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I am aware that my happiness is in my hands. I detach myself from the things that bring me dissatisfaction or anger. I have patience and I am convinced that everything I want will come to me at the right time. I know I deserve to be happy. I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.

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I am grateful for everything I know and for the things that the Universe is going to reveal to me. I am flexible, my mind is open to new things, I listen carefully to everything that is said to me. I thank the divinity for the blessing of being able to use my words wisely.

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I am not afraid of what the Universe has prepared for me. I seek in the depths of my being the deep union with God and I know his healing power. I don’t expect any reward, I offer with an open heart and I don’t let the negative energy that comes from outside touch me.

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I receive harmony in my life and I want to discover the joy of a mind freed from any constraint. I choose to connect with the vital force inside me, to be strong and more generous. I make a commitment to celebrate the life that was given to me every day.

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I accept my qualities and flaws, including those of those around me. I know that people are the mirror of the Universe and that they deserve to be loved by definition. I propose to stop looking for perfection, to enjoy the simple things, to be more smiling. I carefully choose everything I say and think.

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I am open to universal energy, I receive the balance and carry it forward. I feel that my purpose in the world is to help others and I know that I, in turn, will be helped. I share peace and love, I seek the harmony deeply imprinted in my being and I await with confidence the divine goodwill.

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I know that my life is blessed and I sincerely wish to be worthy of the gifts I receive from the Universe. I can gain inner peace and avoid thoughts that take me away from it. I let the positive energy of every day transform me into a better being, as I know I can be.

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My energy is the expression of cosmic energy and I have the duty to use it productively. I am confident that the Universe will show me the right path that I must follow in life. I am ready to give up my outdated beliefs. I am a free being and I know that I must offer freedom to others.

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I give up the fierce battle that I carry every day with myself and with others. I let things come by themselves, without forcing them. Compassion and kindness were written by God in my nature, so I will bring joy to others through my actions. I am looking for and waiting for the peace of the soul.

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Everything that happens to me is the result of my choices, that’s why I choose to be the best version of myself. I have countless reasons to be grateful, I appreciate them and I want to share with others the importance of the present moment. I want to get closer to God and people.

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I am ready to offer unconditional love and attract love into my life. I know that Providence protects me and that good things are about to happen to me. I love myself as I am, I free myself from what is holding me back and I gladly accept the divine help that is offered to me through people.

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