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Choose The Right Training According To Your Sign

What is the most suitable training according to your zodiac sign?

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You know that it’s good to do sports, but you haven’t found that workout that you like yet. Leigh Weingus, the yoga instructor, thinks it’s a …zodiac problem. “Just because your Aquarius best friend practices a certain type of sports activity doesn’t mean it’s for you. If you’re a Sagittarius, a long trip outdoors is more suitable for you.”

Find out from Leingh which is the most suitable training for you according to your zodiac sign.

The right workout for every zodiac sign

Aquarius: Group fitness classes

Whether it’s kickboxing, yoga, or cycling, Aquarians give better results when they train in a group. So you go to class with your friends.

Pisces: Swimming

You are made for water. So sign up for a pool membership and try to swim a few times a week. You will quickly become addicted to the gentle and rhythmic nature of this workout and your immune system will thank you.

Berbec: KickBox

You are brave and optimistic and you don’t like inactivity. Put on your gloves and start hitting.

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Taurus: The runner

It’s time to put on your running shoes and go out to the park or get on the treadmill. You were born to run. You have a harmonious and athletic body, made as if for this.

Gemini: Team sports

It’s time to join the volleyball or basketball team. If you don’t like ball sports, you can try doubles tennis or badminton.

Cancer: Home workouts

How about this? You probably don’t need the social aspect of the group fitness class and prefer hobbies you can do at home. You can buy some weights, a treadmill, a mattress, and a medicine ball and that’s it. You have a room at your home.

Leo: CrossFit

You are fearless and you know it. So, take an interest in where you can do such training and stop thinking about it.

Virgo: training in the gym

Virgos are sensitive but, at the same time, precise and detail-oriented creatures. Strength training that requires special attention to detail and constant and measured progress is the right one for you.

Libra: Anything – as long as you have a training partner

Libra works best in pairs, so find a training partner and go to the gym together

Scorpio: Hot Yoga

Scorpio is an intense, brave, and passionate sign. Nothing suits you better than hot yoga.

Sagittarius: Hiking

Sagittarians value travel and freedom. Hiking is a way to do cardio and has a pleasant experience.

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Capricorn: Cycling

Capricorns are strong, responsible, and disciplined – they persevere no matter how tough the challenge. Regardless of whether it is a ride in the open air or a particularly difficult segment of the cycling class, you will look forward to the unique but rewarding challenge that cycling brings.

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