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Men You Lose If You Try To Control Them

Male signs for whom questioning and jealousy simply mean the death of passion.

You’re right, absolutely all men run away from control as far as I can see, not just some of them. However, for those born under air signs, interrogations, and jealousies simply mean the death of passion.

“Where are you going?”, “Where are you coming from?”, and “Who was on the phone?” seem like trivial questions. I can hide pure interest, bewilderment, and curiosity, not necessarily mistrust, worry or jealousy. Not if you are the lover of a man from an air sign. For them, the list of meanings is much shorter. Any explanation they are forced to give sounds like verification and cause for argument. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, since we are talking about them, are very independent signs. And very easily they feel their freedom threatened. Do not try to fence him in any way, and if you are the type of woman who needs to know what your partner is doing at every moment, you better see each other in your own way in advance. To stay together, you both have to make compromises in the name of love.

Male signs that you should not try to control


He loves passionately, he doesn’t let you out of his sight for a moment, he looks for your presence at any time. In the bedroom, he is a perfect lover. He immediately makes you lose your mind, fall madly in love and want him all to yourself forever. But Geminis like to have fun, experiment, go out with friends, you can’t expect them to stay locked in a cage with you all their lives. No matter how much they love you, they hold on to personal space with their teeth. Don’t give up the bachelor status easily and don’t think of rushing him to take the big step. The more possessive and fiery you are, the colder and more distant he becomes.

Male signs for whom questioning and jealousy simply mean the death of passion.


For these natives, nothing is more important than harmony in the couple. When they get home after a hard and tiring day, they want to detach from everything, give up masks, be themselves, feel at ease. You must be a balance to such a man, a point of reference, a point of support. You have to be his equal. The moment you start acting like a boss, you lose it. If you nag him about everything and he feels forced to behave with gloves for fear that he might jump out at you for no reason, if you criticize him a lot, justified or not, if you contradict him in every sentence, your relationship has no life long.


Even if you live together and are husband and wife, Aquarius will still not give up his friends, going out with the boys, and his hobbies. Don’t stop him. If you completely invade his personal space, he will change from a direct, jovial, magnetic man to an introverted, uncommunicative one. You must first of all be her best friend if you want your relationship to last a lifetime. Another important thing: don’t try to open him up about the past. Take for granted what he told you willingly and don’t complicate yourself to find out details about things already consumed. Don’t let him see you as distrustful and suspicious even when you are.

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