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What You Fear In A Relationship Depending On Your Sign

Fears that can affect your relationship, depending on your zodiac sign!

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In any couple, each of the partners comes with their own memories, desires, and hopes, but also with emotions and fears. Justified or not, they also belong to the zodiac sign…

Why are you afraid in a relationship depending on your zodiac sign


You are independent and confident in your own charms, so you don’t readily accept being abandoned. Most of the time, you are the one who puts an end to the relationship, but if it happens the other way around, your pride catches fire. The biggest fear: not having the last word.

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Changes are your Achilles’ heel. You fear that sacrifices will be asked of you, for example moving far away or changing your daily schedule for the sake of your partner. You also don’t like the changes that can intervene in his rhythm of life on the wrong table.

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You are afraid of losing your freedom. No matter how much you love your partner, a man who wants to organize your life, to know what you’re doing every moment and why you’re an hour late at home in the evening, annoys you. That’s why you break away quickly if you feel controlled.

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The fear of abandonment is what dominates you. Every little contradictory discussion with your partner makes you think with horror that he will make the decision to separate you, that you will suffer again, and that you will be alone again. It hurts even just to think that someone would break your heart once more.

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You fear the past the most. Former loves left deep wounds that open quite easily. As soon as you notice a similarity between the current partner and the ex, you think that it is very possible that history will repeat itself and you distance yourself.

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The thought that you might lie to scares you. You prefer to check your partner’s blood and overinterpret his every gesture. If he smiles when he receives a message on the phone, you can already swear that he has someone else.

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You let things go slowly, you don’t rush anything and you’re a little unsure at the beginning of a relationship because you’re afraid of wasting your time with the wrong man. First of all, you want to convince yourself that it is worth spending the rest of your life together.

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You are very sensual and do not remain indifferent when you meet an attractive man, even if you are already “taken”. You perfectly control your attraction and you don’t give in to it, but you can’t help but wonder if your partner wouldn’t step wrong in a similar situation. Your biggest fear is being cheated and not finding out.

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You are horrified by the thought that, once married and at home, your partner will no longer see you as a girlfriend, but as a housewife who prepares meals and takes care of the children. You prefer to live alone than to find yourself in such an ungrateful situation.

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You are convinced that good men are on the way to extinction, so you are in no hurry to get involved in a relationship, for fear that you will be disappointed. On the other hand, you think that your way of being, traditionalist and stubborn, will put your partner on the run.

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You get scared when things move too fast. You need time to realize what you feel, you want to have fun, to be more childish, to change your mind. You wouldn’t want to find yourself tied hand and foot in a relationship with a man who turns out to be different than he seemed to be.

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When you are head over heels in love, you let your imagination run wild and torture yourself with dark thoughts. All kinds of excruciating scenarios go through your mind: maybe you’re not pretty enough for him, maybe he has someone else, maybe he’s going to make up with his ex…

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