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Find Out What Zodiac Sign Your Cat Is

The features of each kitten also depend on the zodiac sign!

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Some kitties are gentle and loving, while others are scary, biting, and mischievous. All these traits also depend on the feline’s zodiac sign. If you know exactly when he was born, find out what his temperament is!

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It is a stubborn cat, which hardly responds to commands. She has tons of energy and, at least in the first years of her life, you have to play with her for hours a day if you want her to let you sleep at night. She doesn’t give much affection, she doesn’t like to be petted and she doesn’t really hold hands, but she is very jealous.

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It’s hard for him to adapt if you move and he hates from the bottom of his heart the remodeling of the house or the disappearance of a favorite object. She eats a lot and you can’t go wrong with her if you buy her the most sophisticated types of food. But don’t stop until you taste everything you eat. He always has a favorite house, to which he is most attached.

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She is one of the sensitive, very communicative kitties, who suffers and scolds you if she is neglected. It can even lead to a hunger strike if you are away from home for more than a day. You have to take her into account and soothe her a lot so that she is satisfied. She often wakes you up in the middle of the night just to pet her.

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She is a cat inseparable from her master, whom she adores, and even deifies. Don’t lose sight of it for a moment. Quite lazy, it is ideal for the apartment, because it does not go after toys or small things until it is young. Her torso will cheer you up every day.

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If you want a baggy cat that purrs loudly and jumps into the arms of guests, here it is! The kind of feline that defends its territory and its master, even if it has to fight with a dog for that. You can train her easily, she does whatever she wants to be praised, pampered, and rewarded.

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She is the most demanding. There is no question of drinking water if it is not fresh or eating food left over from the morning in the evening. Even the litter box refuses to use it if you haven’t cleaned it in time. She is very clean, she washes herself all day and she never defecates except where she belongs.

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She has an adorable personality and is one of the most beautiful cats, usually with gorgeous and expressive eyes! Very friendly with everyone in the house, with guests, with children, and with all other animals, which is why it is desirable to get her a play partner from the beginning.

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It often happens that she destroys things or even attacks you as revenge for neglecting her. As long as you love her, talk to her like a child, and warm her, she doesn’t leave you even when it’s 40 degrees outside. Otherwise, she is very possessive, and unpredictable and cannot bear to share her master’s attention with anyone.

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She is a kitten as cheerful and mature as a Poznan chicken. She plays energetically, jumps, runs, and fetches the ball, and warns you when there is no more food in her bowl, she is many times smarter than a dog. If you stay in the yard, it is possible to disappear with the days and come back.

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When he’s not at the table, begging for all kinds of food, you don’t even know you have a cat in the house. She doesn’t demand a lot of attention, she even gets agitated if you pet her too insistently or if you just want to hold her in your arms. She is an ideal cat, very kind and delicate.

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No matter how many rooms the house you live in has, it must have access everywhere. He hates closed doors and forbidden spaces, becoming aggressive if you limit his freedom. She is intelligent and very persistent. You can conquer her with all kinds of toys and food rewards.

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Embodied gentleness, it is the type of feline with a well-developed maternal spirit, which adopts puppies, chickens or any other animal. Because she loves her owner enormously, she suffers a lot when she is neglected and can even get sick if she is left in the care of a stranger for more than a few days. The presence of this cat in a house works as an antidepressant.

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