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4 Signs Of Women Who Are Not Made To Marry

The most rebellious, independent, and brave woman of the zodiac!

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The stars would not be the only ones to blame for all the marriages that ended suddenly, painfully, and sadly, but they also put straws on the fire in the souls of the most rebellious, independent, and brave women of the zodiac. If you are among them, you are not willing to make too many concessions and you must carefully calculate your priorities before deciding if you are ready to say YES.

Independent women of the zodiac


An Aries native will never conform to the status of a housewife. Even the word housewife raises the hair on his spine. If you were born under this fiery sign and you come across a man for whom the perfect wife bakes eggplants, puts pickles, cooks soups, and folds pots and pans, you might suddenly wake up with plates and pots flying around the house. Independent and non-conformist, you are not the type who gives an account when you are late at home, and you will not be a mother who sacrifices her life and small joys for the sake of her child. You prefer to live alone and have relationships when and with whom you want than to enter such a cage alone. For you, passion is the most important thing in a relationship, and marital seems to put a lid on it…

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When it comes to fun, you too! You love to go shopping, go out on the town, and do what you like without giving anyone an account of how you spend your time. The responsibilities of a married woman make you go from corner to corner. Don’t wait for your husband at home with hot food for dinner, and if that’s what he wants from you, he’d better hire a cook. It’s true when you feel like cooking, good things come out of your hands, worthy of a Chef, but don’t do it on the order of the day or because it’s asked of you. In addition, you are sociable and popular, you are easy to please and you easily attract the attention of the opposite sex, so the idea of ​​tying yourself to a single person does not bother you unless you are very much in love with him. Professional life is more important to you than family life.

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Equality between the sexes is sacred to you. It’s all about finding the man who thinks the same way because you won’t press shirts, you won’t spend hours in front of the stove and you won’t clean all weekend if he doesn’t move a finger to help you. Of course, you don’t enjoy the flawless furniture or the monthly washed windows alone, and it would be unfair to take care of them alone. Or work shoulder to shoulder, or not at all. In addition, there are few men willing to offer you the freedom that you will not give up in a heartbeat. If you used to go out with your girlfriends to the movies on Fridays or go to the gym every night, your schedule will remain the same. And the discussions that start from here don’t really end well…

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You get along perfectly with your partner as long as you meet at his or her place, have a meal in the city, travel together, and make the most of the moments together. When you already live in the same house, things get complicated because if anything makes you run away, it’s boredom. Routine slowly kills romance and chases away the most beautiful feelings you are capable of. You don’t like to make concessions, to change your schedule for his sake, or to see him snoring or coming home from work in no mood. In addition, if you have a successful relationship, do not consider that an act can make it better. And you are libertine enough to not care what the world thinks, not even when it comes to bringing a child into the world without being legally married.

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