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What Energy Do You Transmit In The Universe According To Your Sign?

It is said that no thought, no word, and no action remain without an echo. The universe captures our energy waves and answers us, sooner or later, bringing people, situations, and events that reflect our inner vibration.

What kind of things do you attract in your life?

What do you feel, what are you thinking now?

How are you at this moment, satisfied, angry, devastated, happy?

Are you relaxed about the future or do the darkest scenarios cross your mind?

Do you worry a thousand times before making a decision or are you detached and confident?

Do you forget quickly when someone upsets you or makes you sad beyond repair?

Do you consider the past a lesson, a part of you or do you hate it and would give anything to wipe it with a sponge?

Look into your soul and realize that every moment of dissatisfaction, blame, and worry takes you away from happiness. Negative people worry about everything, are pessimistic, fearful, always dissatisfied, always see the bottom of the glass and discourage others when they have an initiative. Every negative emotion you nurture and feed with your thoughts gains power over you. Positive, optimistic thoughts, love, kindness, and generosity get just as much power. Choose peace of mind and send positive messages to the Universe!

The most negative signs

Optimism or native negativism also depends on each person’s zodiac sign. very careful,

Cancers, Pisces and Scorpios, and Virgos have the stupid habit of always putting evil in front of them. Here are the demons you have to fight if you were born in one of these signs!


You are the uncrowned queen of sentimental blackmail. Fatalist, you often live with the impression that something bad is going to happen to you, which you cannot control. You have many fixed ideas, which you don’t even think of giving up, you even want to impose them on others, convinced that they represent the absolute truth.

You feel guilty for various reasons and constantly excuse yourself by blaming others.

Find reasons to be grateful, there are so many gifts that life gives you every day!


You often lack self-confidence, you are too sensitive and emotional, and you cry easily. Manipulation is not a way to win your battles, even if you master it so well. You create drama out of nothing if you feel abandoned, alone, insufficiently loved and you ask for evidence upon evidence of affection. You tend to indulge in unfortunate situations because you don’t have the courage to break away.

Be independent, don’t expect someone to always be there for you;

Meditate in silence when the inner commotion overwhelms you;

Trust yourself, give love without expecting anything in return and you will receive more than you hope for!

Replace arguments and tears with hugs and caresses; smile more!


The continuous struggle that takes place in your soul does not allow you to find peace.

You are vindictive and suspicious, you don’t forget and you don’t forgive. The permanent state of fear, the desire to dominate, to be in the first place brings you many and deep sufferings, especially for reasons imagined by you. Learn to give freedom; you must understand that no one is your property;

Be less stubborn, let it go; inversion poisons your life;

Don’t seek revenge, but move on!

Become aware of the thoughts that hurt you and get rid of them!


You find mistakes everywhere, no one manages to put you behind bars. You are a nagging, typical, perfectionist, it is hard for you to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You give directions, you want to be in control, you complain a lot, and you are convinced that everyone is against you and that no one understands you.

Controls the obsession for small, unimportant things;

Accept that others can be right;

Stop doing so many calculations; let life flow naturally!

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