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Top 4 Signs That Are Too Shallow

Are you negative? The zodiac gives you a goal!

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We all know the theory of positive thinking, but we also know that optimism or pessimism, positivism or negativism are traits deeply imprinted in everyone’s personality. No matter how much we self-educate, false fears, anxiety, and unfounded emotions come to the surface more often and are harder to control in some than in others.

4 signs of negative thinking


You make millions of lists of options and strategies, just to be sure that everything goes smoothly and that no situation catches you unprepared, but the stress you are subject to in this way is even greater than the danger you are avoiding. You always find a reason to worry, whether it’s related to your workplace, home design, children, or parents. Everything that you cannot have under your full control seems frightening and unacceptable. You have high expectations from others and, because you have been disappointed many times, you prefer to put evil in front of you, even if it often turns out to be a bad strategy. Put less pressure on yourself, every day comes with new chances!

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It’s enough for your husband or child not to answer the phone for dozens of terrifying scenarios to cross your mind, and if your boss calls you to talk, you can already imagine yourself with all the documents in order. You have the bad habit of always putting the bad in front of you, the attitude that prevents you from enjoying life, expressing yourself freely, and trying new things, even if they seem a bit risky. Many of your problems are invented due to stress, not real at all and this happens because you are insecure about yourself. Nervousness and irritability deepen your state of restlessness and always put a straw on the inner fire. The hardest thing for you is when you are under pressure because you get lost easily.

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If you cough for a few days or have palpitations, the queues at the door of the doctors in the hospitals thicken, and if your eye twitches, you expect all the troubles to fall on you. You are a bit of a hypochondriac and you are not only afraid of diseases, but also of being lied to or betrayed. You carefully interpret every word or gesture, to discover what could be hidden behind them, as if everyone had two faces and the most reprehensible intentions. You are more sensitive than you let it be seen and it is difficult for you to trust someone, for fear of being hurt. You will see that, if you worry less and think more optimistically, many of the problems will be solved by themselves, without you lifting a finger for it.

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You are tormented by millions of thoughts per second and you are often tense like a stretched spring or like a cylinder in a gas station. You become a bundle of nerves for the most trivial reasons and question everything. It is extremely difficult for you to make decisions and, even if you know precisely that you have chosen the best, correct or plausible option, you are still tormented by the thought that it could have been even better if you had done it differently. That’s your nature, one of the most indecisive and anxious in the whole zodiac. The solution is a little more organization. Do not postpone decisions until the last moment, it will not be easier for you to take them, on the contrary.

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