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What To Never Say To Your Lover So As Not To Lose Him

The things that every man acquires according to his zodiac sign.

Every man has his sensitive strings. Depending on his zodiac sign, certain words can hurt, disappoint and distance him from you forever.

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The words you should not say to your lover depending on his zodiac sign


“We do as I say!”

If Aries detests one thing from the bottom of their hearts, that is to impose on them what and how to do. A fire sign, your man will act only as he wants and not infrequently will ostentatiously do the exact opposite of what others recommend. So don’t try to impose yourself, otherwise, it will suddenly disappear from the landscape.

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“I’m not looking for a serious relationship.”

Of course, Taurus also want to have fun, but they are deeply family oriented and don’t waste time with someone who doesn’t want to invest with them in the long term. Maybe you have the impression that this reply will motivate him to fight for you so that he doesn’t lose you, but in reality, you only push him away.

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“I want to establish a fixed schedule.”

Gemini is, perhaps, the most libertine of the zodiac. They don’t want to be constrained in any way, no matter how much they love you. The surest way to put a Gemini on the run is to impose rules and control them. If you want to find out what he does every moment, you haven’t found the right man for you.

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“I can do without you.”

The Cancer man is very sensitive and dedicated to his life partner, for whom he would do anything, if necessary. But he wants you to recognize his merits and suffers if you overlook his sacrifices, his generosity, his love. Therefore, you hurt him enormously if you show him that his efforts are negligible.

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“How nice your friend is!”

Don’t forget that the Leo man is jealous even of the most innocent situations involving the presence of a competitor in the landscape! In addition, all your attention and praise must be reserved for him. Don’t even think about complimenting other men if you want to have a long life with your Leo!

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“I don’t need your help.”

Very caring, the Virgo man likes the role of savior and wants to believe that you cannot live without him. Even if he doesn’t make many statements, he is happy and proud if you appreciate his protective attitude. That’s exactly why it inhibits him and hurts him if you let him know that his presence is useless to you.

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“I’m breaking up with you!”

It is not difficult for the Libra man to go through a breakup, especially if the relationship is at the beginning of the road. Often indifferent and cold, he will not try to discover your hidden motives or stop you. He can’t stand blackmail, so don’t tell him that unless you’re serious!

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“You love Me?”

Scorpio men adore mysterious, exciting, confident women. If you keep asking him how he feels, it’s a sign of distrust and weakness that can make his interest fade immediately. In the relationship with him, you must reveal all the security and sensuality you are capable of.

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“Let’s not deviate from the plan!”

Sagittarians like to experiment, to be spontaneous. If you got in the car to go to the sea, it is not excluded to reach the mountain. It would be a mistake to ask him to follow a schedule or some strict rules because he would get bored, and he wants to enjoy life.

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“I don’t want a family.”

The Capricorn man is one of the most serious of the zodiac, he wants long, romantic, solid relationships. He doesn’t rush to the altar, but he plans to get there and he does it only with the woman of his dreams: involved, dedicated and… convinced family member.

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“I want children as soon as possible.”

The Aquarius man is himself a child and he has a hard time deciding to start a family because that means assuming responsibilities. If you talk to him a lot about marriage and follow him, he will think that his love is not enough for you. And you will miss her!

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“Get your feet back on Earth!”

Pisces are dreamers and you can often feel the need for your lover from this sign to be more present, to help you in concrete situations, to take a stand. But if you scold him for always having his head in the clouds, the risk is that he will feel misunderstood and withdraw even deeper into his world.

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