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Top 4 Signs Of Women Considered Drama Queens

Who doesn’t have someone in their circle of friends, at the office or at home, able to make a drama out of absolutely anything?

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Although some researchers believe that there is a genetic mutation responsible for excessively dramatic behavior, and psychologists attribute it to childhood experiences, astrologers are convinced that the stars have their share of “fault”. Here are the targeted signs!

Zodiac drama queens


Cancer women show extraordinary receptivity when someone says a negative word to them. No hint escapes them. I perceive any reproach at an intensity ten times higher than the interlocutor intends, and the impact and reactions are just right. Negative memories do not disappear from the mind of a Cancer even after years have passed since an event that they consider unfortunate, although for others it may seem like the most trivial event in the world. It makes a drama out of the fact that you didn’t take out the trash, and because you were a quarter of an hour late at home, or maybe cried for a whole week if you forgot your birthday. But, especially, if you don’t appreciate what he does for you. Cancer always sacrifices itself, but don’t let the Unclean One praise his effort!

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Probably no other zodiac sign cuts the wire in four as the Scorpions do. And, even if every time he swears it’s the last time he gets so angry without a serious reason, you can always expect the worst. Let’s be honest, Scorpios don’t get along well with many people, they don’t trust people and are excessively suspicious. They always cry loudly, and parade their frustrations and upsets, as if they are the most persecuted and unjust people on Earth. Practically, their problems never end, because new ones constantly appear. Most dramas are born in couples because Scorpios are extraordinarily possessive and can have fits of jealousy for reasons you don’t even expect.

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Aquarians can be a bit mean, arrogant and, some would say, emotionally unbalanced. I don’t do it on purpose, what’s more, I don’t even realize when I’m offending someone, I’m so in the clouds. It is precisely the “I don’t care” attitude that they always display that makes Aquarius’ outbursts unexpected and offensive. Their disregard can be extremely upsetting for those around them, who expect more involvement and understanding from these natives, who will ardently defend their point of view, or on the contrary, they will get angry and remain silent. They are often hostile, do not accept advice, and refuse to disturb their daily rhythm.

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Leos MUST always be the center of attention and they always have a superior air, like a star. I feel that they deserve special treatment, no matter where they are, at the corner store or at the Royal Palace. If they happen to be neglected, hold on tight, because there will be an avalanche of reproaches, howls and laughter from the Lionesses. They make a lot of people jump with the looks of a diva or with the air of an irrepressible leader, as the case may be. If everyone does not do as the Leos say, problems and serious discussions arise. For them, it is a very fine line between doing things with passion and putting on a real theatrical show. All the dramas start from the fact that Leo believes he is the center of the Universe and cannot accept when the opposite is proven.

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