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How You Are As A Mother According To Your Sign

What kind of mother do the stars say you are?

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Being a mother brings you fulfillment, joy, and uplifting feelings, but also worries, responsibilities, and emotions. The pluses and minuses in your relationship with yours, the way you transform after you give birth to a child also depend on the traits of each zodiac sign. This is what kind of mother the stars say you are!

The qualities and defects of mothers in the zodiac


Pluses – You love your children enormously, without suffocating them or pampering them excessively. You teach them to be independent, to fend for themselves from an early age. You know how to motivate them and you support them with enthusiasm!

Cons – You are irritable and sometimes quick to anger, so the little ones will quickly learn not to test your limits. It’s sad and bitter when they are messy or naughty!

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Pluses – You are an example of thrift for your children, you teach them from the time they are lame that nothing in life is free, but you don’t lack gifts, games or fun either.

Minuses – You always want everything to be “like you”, you are too little flexible and you don’t accept not listening to your advice or to be contradicted by your own smells.

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Pluses – Children with Gemini mothers have a happy childhood. Indulgent, playful, you’re childish, it’s not difficult for you to put yourself on their mind and you let them enjoy everything they like.

Cons – You are sometimes too indulgent. You let your children make their own choices, even if you know they’re not the best, and you don’t scold them too much even when they’re wrong. The risk is to get them out of control.

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Pluses – Being a mother seems like your purpose on Earth. Everything revolves around your children, you adore them, you make them feel protected, and loved and you satisfy all their cravings, especially the culinary ones.

Cons – You are hyper-protective. You prefer to solve their problems yourself and for this reason, they can become selfish and intractable. You keep them short, you don’t let them have fun or make their own decisions, and you often resort to emotional blackmail.

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Pluses – Full of energy, children are convinced that you always have everything under control, which gives them confidence. You know how to motivate them and appear strong even in moments when you are insecure or emotional to the point of tears.

Minuses – You make decisions in their place and you want them to be the best, to be noticed and praised. You don’t get over disappointments easily, which means quite a lot of pressure for them.

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Pluses – Your children definitely have seven years at home. They are well educated and know by heart the rules of good behavior, plus they always have the most neat and beautiful clothes, bags and haircuts.

Cons – Most of the time, you are extremely demanding. You’ve been fighting with them since they were little. You criticize them a lot and you always want better, which can make them want to escape as soon as they grow up and can.

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Pluses – Your children will know from a young age to be correct, not to lie, not to be baggy, to keep their promises. You are their friend and best advisor, hence their deep attachment.

Cons – Although you love the little ones enormously, as a mother you are sometimes scattered and get lost among so many other priorities. The fact that you are not constant and change your mind easily can negatively influence them.

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Pluses – Your motherly devotion is hard to match. Although statements are not your strong point, you are very involved, you discover their talents, you support and encourage them.

Cons – Very possessive, domineering, don’t let anyone influence them. Even when the children grow up, you will want to know their every step, limiting their freedom. Sometimes, you show your love in a suffocating way.

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Pluses – children do not lack adventure with a Sagittarius mother. You have a spirit of initiative, you encourage them to do sports, to try new things, to trust them, to ask questions.

Cons – You don’t force them to follow rules, hence their difficulty adapting and compromising later. They can be tactless at times because you have taught them to say everything in plain language.

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Pluses – You are very well organized and divide yourself excellently between your profession, household chores, husband and children. You teach them everything with inexhaustible patience and let them spend a lot of time with their grandparents.

Minuses – Out of the desire to help them, you do a lot in their place and thus they don’t learn to take responsibility. Because you are demanding, I know your fear and if they have done something wrong, it is difficult for them to tell you the news.

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Pros – Intelligent, open-minded, and broad-minded, she is one of the most adored mothers. You will teach children to behave as they feel, to tell the truth, and to always put themselves in other people’s shoes.

Disadvantages – Having yourself as a role model and especially as a friend, at school-age children can become rebellious. They know that, whatever they do, you support them and understand them. Don’t totally neglect your own needs just because you became a mother!

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Pluses – You are understanding, your children’s best friend. They are honest with you and anyway if they hide something from you, you read them like an open book.

Cons – You don’t really manage to impose rules, and the little ones can undermine your authority. You go out of your way for them, do their every whim, and they can become excessively spoiled because of it.

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