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How Many Children Will You Have? Find Out What The Stars Say!

Here’s how many children you should have depending on the traits of your zodiac sign! Are you ready?

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It is said that all women have the maternal instinct in their blood. However, some are more responsible and organized, others more free-spirited and head in the clouds, some selfish or impulsive, others tender and patient, some want more than anything in the world to have children, others leave things to chance… It all depends on the sign you were born in. Here’s how many children you should have depending on the traits of your zodiac sign!

How many children should you have according to your zodiac sign

Aries – how many do you want

It must be said from the very beginning that it is not your biggest dream to become a mother. You can live very well without a husband and without children. When you decide that you are ready to take the big step, you can handle one or five problems equally well. It’s true that you place as many tasks as you can on dad, grandparents, and friends. But you would do just as well alone because you are a fighter.

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Taurus – girl and boy

Almost all things come out to you like in the book. You respect traditions, you marry at the ideal age, you are a model wife and a serious mother. You also know what your limits are and you wouldn’t mind taking care of a large family, but you want the perfect picture, that is, a boy and a girl, who are born, most likely, at a small distance from each other.

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Gemini – twins

Of course, you, out of all the zodiac, would look best with twins. But, as this depends less on the stars and more on genetics, you can be satisfied with two children born in consecutive years. You will be an open, relaxed, cheerful mother, who is childish with the little ones. On the one hand, you help them with their lessons, on the other hand, you go out with them to the club.

Here’s how many children you should have depending on the traits of your zodiac sign! Are you ready?

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Cancer – from three upwards

You feel that you are made to be a mother, ever since you were little and you walked the dolls in the stroller. The family is sacred to you and it is natural to want it to be as numerous as possible. The first child seems like the greatest blessing to you, and after the second you just start to get used to both the good and the bad. You are a devoted mother, with a maternal instinct better developed than that of many in the zodiac.

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Leo – a football team

The queen of the jungle can’t handle some children or even a small army? Never mind, you’re more than Napoleon! No matter how many children you have, you give the impression that you have total control and that nothing disturbs your rhythm. Other mothers envy you from the bottom of their hearts and wonder how you manage to do them all and still look so good.

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Virgo – one and good

You plan everything down to the smallest detail, including the child, who must be alone so that you have time to take care of him 24 hours a day. The hygiene in the house must be impeccable, the food strictly checked, the clothes tight and not necessarily the most beautiful, then the lessons, grade 10. Just the thought that you should do all this for two scares you.

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Libra – two or four, let it be balanced

Your main characteristic, the need for balance, is reflected in your family life. Your children must be best friends, love and protect each other. That is why it is ideal to be an even number, at least two, or if not, four, each with a soulmate. You will share your attention with them equally, you will be their friend and advisor, only when it comes to the organization you are not very good.

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Scorpio – no less than two

You have tons of love to offer and it would be a shame not to bring at least two babies into the world. No matter how young you are when this happens, everything will proceed naturally, and you will prove your maturity. As you are very possessive and want to have everything under control, it would help you enormously to have more than two children. In this way, you learn to give them more freedom and you receive love from several sources.

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Sagittarius – adventurous mother of one, probably

You don’t necessarily want a family, in fact you prefer to remain totally independent and free of obligations, but since you don’t always take protective measures, there are high chances of getting pregnant when you least expect it. You will most likely be the eccentric mother of a single child, whom you take with you everywhere, on trips, shopping, to the gym.

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Capricorn – one is enough

You are very realistic and you know that it is not easy to raise a child. You want to give him the best, that he doesn’t lack anything, that’s why you prefer him to be alone, so that you can take care of him with all the resources, responsibly. You take your mission very seriously, and the little one will respect you and love you enormously for the rest of his life.

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Aquarius – super mother of three children

It is known that a child completely changes their schedule and priorities, and you hold on to your freedom like air. Even if you postpone the moment as much as you can, at the right time you consider motherhood the challenge of your life and become a super mother, understanding, permissive, whom the child loves beyond words. You like to experiment, and what you discover as a mother might make you want a bigger family. The stars predict that you will have three children.

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Pisces – at least two

Ever since she was a teenager, she is the type who smiles at the children on the bus and can’t wait for an opportunity to hold a baby in her arms. For you, being a mother is a dream come true. You don’t waste time and you probably pretend to be young, to get rid of a worry. Few children will be as pampered as yours, that’s why they end up being at least two: when the first one asks you for a sibling, you immediately fulfill his wish.

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