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The Words That Define You According To Your Sign

What verb and attribute characterizes you according to your zodiac sign!

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The natives of each zodiac sign are inclined towards certain behaviors and traits. Which verb and which attribute characterizes you dominantly, find out next!

The words that characterize each zodiac sign

RamVerb: to want

Attribute: Courage

If you are an Aries, you are like a child. You want everything, you want it now and you want it with all your heart! Always fight with maximum energy for what you want. When you set your mind to something, you don’t give up until you achieve it.

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Verb: to have

Attribute: determined

For Taurus, it is very important to have money, goods, and comfort. Financial and family security are the first on the list of priorities, which I always fulfill, with great perseverance.

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Verb: to sit

Attribute: Sociable

Communication is Gemini’s strong point. They talk about everything, they are always eager to know, to learn, to find out news, to be the first to take the pulse of events. They love to be listened to and praised!

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Verb: to feel

Attribute: empathetic

The sensitivity of Cancers is known. They pass everything through the fine filter of the heart, meditate and reflect a lot, and have overwhelming feelings and presentiments. I know how to listen to and understand suffering.

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Verb: a face

Attribute: Strong

Those born under the sign of Leo are used to action. They stand out and win their battles by their own strength. They trust themselves and do not shy away from fun or responsibilities.

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Verb: to analyze

Attribute: organized

One of the most rational, meticulous and practical zodiac signs, Virgo analyzes everything and everyone to the core, even herself. She is calculated and likes to stand out by approaching perfection.

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Verb: to dream

Attribute: Idealist

Libra is the kind of person who looks for the good and beautiful side of everything. He adores harmony and secretly dreams of a world free of evil and injustice. She is often disappointed.

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Verb: to want

Attribute: Passionate

Scorpio is eager to accumulate information, especially secrets, to arouse passions, to leave deep traces in the soul. He puts passion into everything he does and is often a mystery to those around him.

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SagittariusVerb: to live

Attribute: Optimistic

Independent, Sagittarius likes life and fully enjoys all the experiences it has. He considers the present moment the most important, but he is always serene and enthusiastic about the future.

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Verb: to work

Attribute: Ambitious

Capricorn makes great efforts and works hard to achieve its goals. He is mature, calculated, and dedicated. very determined and tireless when it comes to the things that are really important to him.

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Verb: to be

Attribute: original

He likes to be an appearance, to draw attention to himself by his mere presence. Friends with everyone, creative and nonconformist, he always finds a way (or more) to get out of anonymity.

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Verb: to believe

Attribute: Intuitive

Dreamer and idealist, Pisces believe in people, but also in God, is spiritual and empathetic. He often gives evidence of endless kindness and goodness, having his own unique vision of the world.

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