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4 Signs For Which Emotional Detachment Is A Sign Of Deep Dissatisfaction

It is said that it is good to listen carefully to your partner, especially when… he is silent. Keep this advice in mind especially when you are dealing with one of the following 4 signs!

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The lack of communication is for those born in less talkative signs natural and easy to overlook, strictly linked to a certain context (a hectic period at work, perhaps) or part of their way of being (you won’t see, for example, a very generous Capricorn in speech). In the case of others, emotional detachment is a sign of deep dissatisfaction, which can even lead to a definitive break, if you ignore it.

What does silence mean for these 4 signs


When the most communicative of the signs can’t find anything to say, it means that she has completely lost interest in her partner. If the Gemini also avoids physical contact, is stingy with touches and hugs, you have reason to think seriously that things are not going in a good direction. Take into account the possibility that you could share with someone else everything that until recently was dedicated to you, because Geminis are always looking for the ideal discussion and life partner. However, you are lucky because it is very expressive and easy to read. Not infrequently, they distance themselves on purpose, to let you draw the conclusions and propose that you each go your own way.

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Cancer cannot live without talking. He is able to talk for hours with his partner, make plans, and make statements because that’s the only way he feels complete and understood. If he suddenly becomes silent and distant, the most likely cause is hidden suffering. Cancers are very sensitive and easily hurt, and most of the time they wait for you to notice what you did wrong and ask for forgiveness. The silence he shows in your presence means tears between four walls and translates into a deep need for attention. As much as it seems to withdraw, Cancer is waiting to be sought and loved. The important thing is not to let him get bored waiting.

It is said that it is good to listen carefully to your partner, especially when… he is silent. Keep this advice in mind especially when you are dealing with one of the following 4 signs!

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Libras are known to do their best to stay away from conflicts. He would give anything to be able to avoid a confrontation indefinitely, and sometimes the only way is to withdraw and ignore you until you yourself decide to change something. The emotional distance will not last long, however, because Libra, the most sociable zodiac sign, is dependent on its other half. Complicity and harmony are indispensable ingredients in married life. Unable to live in tension, she can’t stand loneliness and feels the need to resume the smooth running of the relationship as soon as possible. But she doesn’t like to give more than she gets, so you have to love her the way she wants you to hear her happy giggle again.

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Aquarius is an open, honest, talkative partner. At the end of the day, he tells you about his likes and dislikes. When he starts to be very reserved and doesn’t open his soul to you anymore, it’s a sign that his feelings have cooled a lot. These natives can detach emotionally from their partner long before ending the relationship. But as long as a decision has not been made, you have a chance to set things right. Take into account the Aquarian’s need for independence, sometimes distancing is just a reflex to defend one’s own freedom. It is certain that Aquarius does not like to be vulnerable, to show that they are suffering, so you must carefully follow the subtle signals that they send you.

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