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How To Decorate Your House According To Your Sign

The traits of the zodiac help you to make the best choices when it comes to furnishing your home.

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You don’t always know how to express exactly what you want, but the traits of the zodiac help you make the best choices when it comes to furnishing your home. Here’s what suits you!

The most interesting ideas for arranging the house according to your zodiac sign

Aries – simple and effective

The minimalist style suits you best. Very active, you don’t spend a lot of time at home, so an airy space is useful for you, without unnecessary objects that can confuse you or that you just have to wipe off the dust. The few pieces of furniture must be modern and original. At the same time, you need a lot of light and contrast and bright, cheerful, optimistic colors are good for you. Astrologers recommend red or orange accents in every room, to stimulate your energetic and passionate nature. Motivational quotes printed on the walls are a good idea, and a punching bag can get rid of your nerves in key moments…

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Taurus – aesthetic and luxurious

Furnishing or redecorating your home is not an easy task for you. Everything must be classic, but impressive at first sight, luxurious, but also with traditional elements. You search for weeks in a row for the perfect dressing room and the most comfortable bed, because home is, above all, your place of relaxation. Opt for materials and decorations as natural as possible (wood is ideal) and create a green, rustic space, an oasis of relaxation full of tall, majestic plants. You should not miss art objects, and in the library, you can find collection volumes and fine drinks with which to delight your guests.

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Gemini – 100% unique

Your imagination has no limits. You don’t run out of ideas when it comes to interior design and you redecorate or add new elements so often that you don’t have time to get bored. You feel good in a comfortable, playful space that expresses your jovial nature. Many Geminis consider, if not a garden, at least a terrace or a generous indoor space for socializing, with all kinds of gadgets, game consoles, or a pool table to provide entertainment, because they always have friends who cross their threshold. There is no shortage of eccentric and cute decoration elements, from pillows with owls to African masks.

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Cancer – welcoming for the whole family

The harmony of the space where you live is the most important for you. You get attached to the objects in the house, which you associate with various moments and memories, that’s why it’s hard to give them up even when they’re already worn out. You need an intimate and chic place where you can spend time with your loved ones: a large table where you can eat together, a roomy sofa where you can watch movies at the end of the day or at the end of the week. The framed family photos and romantic decorations with personalized messages help you feel that nowhere is like home. It is also important for you to have a welcoming, ultra-modern equipped kitchen.

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Leo – impressive and expensive

You like opulence, you want to feel like a queen at home. It’s no wonder if you sleep in a huge four-poster bed or if you turn an entire room into a dressing room, with cabinets up to the ceiling. The largest possible windows and rooms flooded with light suit your native optimism, and fine golden or purple elements give a touch of elegance specific to the zodiac sign. A huge chandelier, a fireplace, or another extravagant decoration object can express the desire to make yourself stand out. And because you have a wild side, animal-print elements attract you. In addition, many Leis have diplomas, medals, trophies or pictures of them winning prizes at school displayed around the house.

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Virgo – flawless

In your house, everything is arranged in a line and not many people cross your threshold, precisely so as not to disturb the order that you maintain with difficulty. The objects in your home must all be practical, find their usefulness, and have very well-thought-out storage spaces. You will probably want an office or a place just for you where you can work, read or simply relax. Because you are tactical and don’t lack patience, you can grow some of the most pretentious plants that will please your eyes and delight your soul. You tend to opt for neutral, pale colors, but add a splash of color to each room and you’ll see how the atmosphere in the house changes!

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Libra – refined, flawless

With perfect good taste, Balanta is always praised by those who cross her threshold for the way she decorates her home. Air sign, you need an airy, balanced, symmetrical space, which you organize with designer talent, simple, without excesses, in pastel colors, so that it conveys a state of calm and relaxation. As you are dominated by Venus, the criterion by which you choose furniture items is primarily aesthetic. It is unlikely that you will miss a beautiful framed painting, a piano, a statuette or another work of art that you are very fond of. Because you can be forgetful and scattered at times, it’s good to have a writing board with notes, for you and for your loved ones.

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Scorpio – intimate and mysterious

Your home is a personal temple and a nest of madness, where intense, sensual colors, fine perfumes, and mysterious elements, with meanings that only you know, will dominate. No stool, no vase, and no book from the library are there by chance. The bedroom is the place of your soul, which you will want to customize with all your heart: fine materials, a different bed, maybe round, maybe with a water mattress, which turns sleep into a pampering of the senses, that’s what you dream of. .. Although the shades of red, burgundy and brick fascinate you, do not use them excessively, so as not to disturb you in the moments when you are not in your waters.

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Sagittarius – as comfortable as possible

You benefit from open-space homes that offer you freedom of movement. Because you like to feel close to nature, it is a good idea to have a windowsill or an entire balcony full of colorful flowers, compatible with your native optimism and for the same reason, it is very likely to personalize your walls with paintings, wall murals with natural landscapes or bold thematic stickers adapted to each individual room. You might find it interesting to have a bed level with the floor or an ultra-modern, foldable one that can be turned into a wardrobe during the day. Because you love traveling, you can collect not only ordinary fridge magnets but also various exotic objects from foreign countries.

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Capricorn – everything for comfort

You want a house in which, above all, you feel good, without necessarily being in the latest trends, but on the contrary, traditionally furnished, even vintage, with elements made of solid wood, natural leather or wrought iron, durable enough to keep a life Surely you have some objects around the house, inherited or bought, with an appreciable age, which you are proud of every time someone crosses your threshold. You are attracted to natural decorations, made of stone or wood, in earth tones, collected or bought by yourself from various places. To break the monotony a little, a personalized element is also good for you, maybe related to the job you practice, not infrequently, and outside of work hours.

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Aquarius – out of the ordinary

Originality best describes the home of an Aquarius. You don’t respect patterns at all, you like to combine pieces of furniture belonging to different or even opposite styles, which still look more than interesting together, or at least you will support this until the white canvas. You can find handmade objects, abstract paintings, false walls or sliding doors, bedside tables improvised by yourself, and devices that use the latest technology, from the kitchen robot that cooks almost by itself, to the quietest vacuum cleaner, with who will clean the rug… woven by grandmother. Anything is allowed. In other words, you need a lot of plants and a lot of light around you.

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Pisces – bohemian

Being above, you probably pay special attention to the decoration of the bathroom, equipped, if space and budget allow, with a jacuzzi or at least a spacious bathtub, on the edge of which you carefully place shells, river stones, and scented candles. Objects and themes that remind you of the sea are a source of spiritual well-being and inspiration, so you can place them anywhere in the house. A small waterfall, an aquarium or at least a painting depicting flowing water, the walls, curtains or linens in shades of blue help you relax and feel at ease. A hanging hammock in the living room can be a great idea for relaxation, and the wind chimes hanging on the door cheer you up instantly…

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