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Weekend Horoscope: Aries Should Be Around A Leo This Weekend

Read the horoscope for this weekend and find out what awaits you!

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If you’re single, you’ll love being around a Leo this weekend. He will know how to make you feel good. If you are with someone, the stars advise you to try to be more affectionate with your boyfriend/girlfriend.


If you are going on a trip, make sure you do enough research on the place. Don’t risk waking up with unpleasant surprises that can ruin your ride.


Try to get as much sleep as you can this weekend. Your immune system is very sensitive right now and you need rest. This is the best time to drink tea and improve your vitamin intake.


You’re going to feel a little reckless this weekend.

This is not the time to make big life-changing decisions. Find your inner peace, rest and surround yourself with the people you know truly love you.


If you’re thinking about your ex that much, then maybe it would be best if you texted him/her this weekend. Maybe you need something to be able to close this chapter and move on.


If you have enough money set aside, try going for a short walk. Maybe you go somewhere where a loved one is, a person you haven’t seen in a long time.

This weekend is all about goodbyes!

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It’s a good weekend money-wise. You are lucky because of some investments or business you have recently concluded. You are doing better than the last few days and you are more and more motivated to keep doing your best.


Sometimes you just have to drop everything and take a breather. Do you have any plans for this weekend? If so, cancel everything, spend time with yourself, with a good movie or book and something to munch on.


You will have a paradoxical weekend in terms of love, ups and downs that will ultimately lead to an effective outcome.

Don’t start keeping your feelings inside, it’s important to communicate with your loved one.


Cancel all travel plans this weekend unless absolutely necessary. Accidents and losses are very possible. However, do not be afraid, it is also about caution here!

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Try to focus on the good things this weekend. Even if some health problems arise, only general well-being can help you overcome them. On Sunday you will be more active than Saturday and you will have a much more harmonious day.


You might overindulge by spending on expensive things this weekend.

Someone from the family, parents or siblings will advise you on this aspect, but no one can make you change your mind. Too bad, they wish you well!

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