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Why Do You Have A Headache Depending On Your Sign

The sensitive point or the guilty habit is written in your sign.

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” My head hurts”… How many times do you say this in a day, more jokingly, more seriously? The sensitive point or the guilty habit is written in your sign.

The reason why you have headaches depends on your zodiac sign

Aries – because you fuss too much

When you start ten things at once and realize that you won’t finish any of them, when you start a competition with someone, or when your heart jumps out of the blue, migraines are sure to keep you away.

Taurus – because you eat chaotically

For you, diets are a nightmare, even if they are recommended by your doctor or just prompted by the image in the mirror. You love good food and drinks and not infrequently indulge in excesses that leave you feeling sorry for yourself. Either with regrets or with pains.

Gemini – because you don’t relax at all

Hundreds of thoughts rush into your mind at once, which tire you and overwhelm you. You are always in doubt and analyze everything in detail, but the stress you are under leaves you defenseless and helpless too many times.

Cancer – because you want to please everyone

You tend to feel guilty every time you fail to please everyone or help everyone who needs you. Your head and soul ache because you take on more duties than you should.

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Leo – because you have too many expectations and responsibilities

You take on everything that you don’t think others could do better and burden yourself with a burden that is hard to carry. The role of leader brings you satisfaction, but also headaches when things don’t go exactly as they should.

Virgo – because you put too much pressure on yourself

Staying from morning until late at night at work, making sure everything is in order at home means a lot, too much work. If you don’t have a little free time, in which to calm down and charge your batteries, headaches are the order of the day.

Libra – because you don’t say what you feel

Libras, although sociable and popular, are introverted and do not tell anyone when they are suffering or if they have an overwhelming problem to solve. If you don’t ask for help and don’t open your soul, you don’t have to be surprised when your head, stomach hurts…

Scorpio – because you want to have everything under control

It is your mysterious nature that brings out your white hairs. You are secretive, jealous and under no circumstances will you let anything get away from you. This constant struggle to know everything and the passionate involvement in everything you do often bring you migraines.

Sagittarius – because you do too many things at once

You don’t have patience, you don’t like to wait and you get involved in more activities than you can handle. You run from one place to another, you slalom between deadlines, you want to be everywhere, and that is not exactly easy, neither mentally nor physically.

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Capricorn – because you work too much

You yearn for moments of relaxation and fun, but you allow yourself far too rarely. You always put off rest, holidays, you try to solve them all on the line, so you end up feeling overloaded and helpless.

Aquarius – because you are afraid of blasé

When you feel trapped in a relationship, at work or if you simply don’t have enough opportunities or the freedom to express yourself freely, you suffocate because of frustration. Every time you don’t externalize yourself, headaches appear.

Pisces – because you burden yourself with other people’s problems

Your head hurts every time you helplessly witness someone’s suffering. You are overwhelmed by the situations in which injustices happen before your eyes, because you secretly dream of a perfect world, where hatred has no place.

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