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Top 5 Persistent Signs.

They manage to be so persuasive and tenacious that you have no choice but to give in and please them.

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When I put something in my mind, I don’t even think of giving back or accepting a refusal. They manage to be so persuasive and tenacious that you have no choice but to give in and please them. These dominant personalities often have one thing in common: the zodiac sign.

The most persistent signs


Scorpio is a master of manipulation. He uses all the weapons at his disposal, forgetting principles and rules if necessary, just to convince you to fulfill a dream, a plan, a wish. Just like a snake coiling its prey, it doesn’t leave you any chance to free yourself from its grip until it gets what it wants from you. The end justifies the means most of the time for this persistent sign, who puts all his passion into his goals. Don’t give in, no matter what!

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As sensitive and empathetic as he is, Cancer is as skilled and able to make you give in to his wishes. An excellent psychologist, he gets under your skin and makes you feel miserable at the thought that you could refuse him or hurt him. He perfectly masters the technique of suggestion and has the ability to manipulate your feelings at will, betting on the one of guilt – once he touches your sensitive chord, he can’t go wrong. It manages to corner you to the extent that you give in willingly, for the sake of your peace of mind.

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It is easy to convince others to do exactly as you want when you are endowed with a charm like Leo’s. The leader cloth helps him to convince you to follow him, without making too much effort. He simply captivates you and makes you believe as strongly as he does in his dream. When a Leo wants something, he can’t imagine not getting it. This zodiac sign does not like aggression, it prefers to be peaceful, but it can be overzealous when it feels that this way it will reach its goal more easily.

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Perhaps the most stubborn of the signs, the Taurus does not forget anything and does not give in when it sets its sights on something. He does not give up his plans or his principles, in which he strongly believes. He supports them and follows them until the white canvas. If you make a choice with which he does not agree, do not try to convince him to approve you, because he remains adamant. On the contrary, he will try his best to make you change your mind and, most of the time, he succeeds. His tenacity either drives you crazy or disarms you.

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Masters of communication, Gemini convinces you of anything with just a few carefully chosen words. They are very creative when they have to find arguments in their favor. The tone, the context, the atmosphere… every element is used by Geaman with great skill. He insists with so much skill, that you don’t even realize when and how you were grabbed… He laughs, jokes and teases you until you simply wake up saying: “okay, let’s do this too!”.

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