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Why Do You Feel Overwhelmed More Often Depend On Your Sign

Are you exhausted and, day by day, you have the feeling that you are no longer reaching the port?

The fault may be one of the traits of your zodiac sign, which makes you stress excessively, suffer for no reason or always ask too much of yourself.

Why do you feel bad depending on your zodiac sign?

Aries – because you don’t know how to say STOP

At the gym in the morning, an urgent project to finish by the evening, a late movie with friends. You barely have time to sleep, but you don’t say no to any challenge. No matter how hardworking and energetic you are, you get involved in too many things at once and exhaustion takes its toll when you don’t want to miss anything.

Taurus – because you take things too seriously

You always leave the fun for later. You work so hard to have everything you dream of that you don’t allow yourself to relax at all. You can almost no longer enjoy the things for which you used up the last bit of energy…

Gemini – because you don’t have time for everything

You go from one to the other so quickly that you lose track of them, and in your mind it’s a total amalgam. Agitation is the order of the day for you, and your emotional balance is always disturbed. The many things you start, but fail to finish, end up confusing and destabilizing you.

Cancer – because you don’t take care of yourself

You always care about others, that they are well, that they have everything they need. But you never take care of yourself and take every reproach to heart as if it were the end of the country. You need to relax, to protect yourself spiritually, to rest without feeling guilty.

Leo – because you always want to be the best

You see everything as a competition and you never accept to lose anything. Successes, but especially failures, have a strong impact on your psyche and unbalance you. It’s time to do things with pleasure, not hard.

Virgo – because you put too much pressure

It’s tiring to always want to be in control, for everything to be perfect, flawless. The risk of anxiety and depression is enormous in the case of those like you, always dissatisfied with themselves and others. Don’t let your own rules overwhelm you!

Libra – because you put too much soul into everything

We live in an unfair world, and it’s hard for you to accept that you can’t change something essential. You suffer every time when your ideas and proposals do not materialize and remain at the project stage. Get away from situations that hurt you and consume you emotionally.

Scorpio – because you don’t let others help you

You hate to depend on someone and you believe that no one can do things better than you. Arrogant over perhaps, you don’t like to admit that you need help and thus end up burdening yourself with a lot of attributions that, in the end, become a chore too difficult to handle.

Sagittarius – because too much adventure exhausts you

You can’t stay in one place and you love to be always on the move, constantly changing. You are the most impatient, and when things don’t happen the way you want, the thought that your efforts were in vain makes you accumulate a lot of frustration, nerves and fatigue.

Capricorn – because you don’t say what you feel

It is not always desirable to put your soul on the tray, but from time to time it really helps to talk openly about your emotions and fears. Allow yourself to cry, if that’s what you feel, accept that you’re only human, instead of silently assuming all your mistakes and failures.

Aquarius – because you feel constrained

Everything that routine means disarms you. For you, freedom is vital, so every time you feel tied by your hands and feet, it’s as if life no longer makes sense. Try to see the good side of the situation, as long as you are looking for an escape hatch from the overwhelming blaze.

Pisces – because you are too sensitive

You give in to pressure and feel obliged to please everyone. Then, you feel weak and naive, which gives you a bad mood and affects your self-esteem. It is good to be more selective with the people around you and more categorical when you want (or not) something.

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