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Top 6 Most Expensive Signs

Find out if you are among the spendthrift signs of the zodiac!

Some zodiac signs are frugal and carefully calculate their every penny, while others spend carelessly and excessively. 6 of them are exposed to excesses!

The most wasteful signs


Aries spend their money with extraordinary ease under the impulse of the moment, the same impulse that always gets them into trouble. They don’t accept the idea that they can’t afford something or that today’s excess can cost them tomorrow. If they catch a glimpse of a ticket to the biggest amusement park, a piece of sports equipment from the latest collection or some object that is not necessarily useful, but modern and coveted by everyone, they are able to spend the money on their credit card. just to go home with him. Aries wants everything he likes here and now, he doesn’t wait to get his salary or put money aside to allow himself to spend a naughty amount.


Gemini earns and squanders money easily. They invest a lot in things that make their soul happy, in concerts, shows, clothes, in going out with friends, as pleasant as they are, as often as they are without a budget limit. They like to have quality things, high-performance gadgets and not to miss anything. Sometimes they feel remorse and empty the filled shopping basket until it costs as much as a salary, only to come back later and resume the shopping session. A Gemini saves only in life and death situations.


Leos are extravagant in all aspects, and the financial one is no exception. They want to prove to the world that they can afford anything, that they live comfortably and that there is no problem with saving. They will honor their friends with the most expensive champagne, at the restaurant they will order the most sophisticated dish on the menu, and their vacations are 5-star must-haves. I invest in everything that makes them look and feel good. The gifts that he buys so often for his loved ones, with or without a specific occasion, also consume savings.


Sagittarians give to the last penny to have fun, to experiment, to live to the fullest and not be left with regrets. They are not at all thoughtful or calculated from a financial point of view. It doesn’t matter if they are better or worse with money, they would simply go into depression if they didn’t get to the vacation they scheduled, to all the parties they confirmed or if they didn’t have everything dream in the occasional wardrobe or in the library. Sagittarians are of the opinion that money is made to be spent and if it runs out, then see how you get others.


Aquarians can’t resist when it comes to technology, they immediately take their wallet out of their pocket. It doesn’t matter that their phone is still under warranty, that they still have to pay installments for the smart TV in the living room… If the next model has appeared, they are the first to do something and bring it home. It must have everything that is newest and most modern, most creative and sophisticated. They are also sensitive to the humanitarian causes they support. It is certain that Aquarians are one of the famous signs for the way money slips through their fingers.


Pisces seem unable to calculate their budget, to make a balance between income and expenses. I waste money on self-indulgence, on beauty treatments, on fine drinks, on books about astrology or paranormal phenomena. The most consistent amounts go on attractive, artistic, romantic things, not necessarily useful. Plus, sensitive and emotional, they spend a lot to help others. They cannot remain indifferent to friends who ask them for a loan, nor to humanitarian appeals, especially when it comes to children, the elderly, helpless animals…

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