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How Generous The Signs Are

Do you like giving or does it seem like a chore?

The season of gifts is open, and the way the shopping fever catches you also depends on your zodiac sign.

The most generous signs


Leo likes to impress with the gifts he gives. It doesn’t matter that they are expensive or that it is too much for him to get them, as long as he can make a super surprise. The more he amazes you and the more grateful he sees you, the happier Leo is.


He rejoices when he sees his loved ones smiling and that’s why he buys things that he knows exactly that they want or need. Sagittarians prepare ahead of time for any anniversary or celebration, just so they don’t have to buy something on the spur of the moment.


Pisces first think of others and only then of themselves. They like to offer things with sentimental value but, if necessary, they also take off their clothes if that is what is required to make someone feel better. I am one of the most giving signs.


He can’t wait for opportunities to give gifts. They get excited and happy like children when they give, even more than when they receive. The risk is that they will blow their budget trying to buy original, unique gifts, which are not found on all roads.


Geminis give because it seems natural to them to share with others what they have. They like to roam the shops in search of gifts and, even if they don’t receive things as useful or valuable in return, they never regret their generous starts.


Libra offers with great love and with all its heart. She feels fulfilled especially when she gives gifts to someone who cannot reciprocate with the same currency, as happens in the case of acts of charity. They buy special things for their loved ones, with emotional significance and with great taste.


When he is jealous, spiteful or takes his mouth in advance, the Scorpion feels guilty, and he redeems his mistakes many times with gifts, thus considering himself half forgiven. He does detailed research before going shopping, to be sure that his gift is irresistible.


I give to you so that you give to me : the famous Latin proverb fits the Taurus perfectly. Very practical, he likes to buy quality things, with which to make a good impression. But he always counts the gifts and becomes stingy if you don’t give him something at least as valuable in return.


Cancers are sentimental and want to see their loved ones happy, but they can be stingy when it comes to gifts. They don’t like to waste their money and prefer to use it for a rich meal, to which they invite everyone. Otherwise, I choose symbolic gifts: pajamas, flowers, sweets…


Energetic and cheerful, Aries is always in a hurry and that’s why he ends up buying gifts at the last moment or simply giving you a shopping card with which you can get what you want yourself. He doesn’t mean badly, but he doesn’t have the patience to choose gifts at all…


Virgo cares about all the details when choosing a gift, but the whole process tires her more than it delights her. Even if she shows up at the party honorably, birthday shopping is far from her favorite activity.


They are too practical to make expensive gifts. Most of the time, Capricorns choose a symbolic gift, in order to pay off their debt, but without worrying too much about the impression they will make or how happy the recipient will be.

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