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Astrological Events That Influence You In 2023

Certain astral events, such as the Full Moon, eclipses or Mercury retrograde, are known and fully experienced by all of us.

Let’s see what major events await us in 2023!

The positioning of the stars is constantly changing. Oppositions, conjunctions, squares, and trigons whose meaning is indecipherable for a beginner in astrology happen every year, every month. But certain astral events, such as the Full Moon, eclipses, or Mercury retrograde, are known and fully felt by all of us. Let’s see what major events await us in 2023!

Important astrological events in 2023

Full Moon, New Moon

They are considered to be the two most important phases that the Moon goes through during its rotation around the Earth.

Around the phenomenon of the Full Moon, many can swear that they experience all kinds of strange states. Some suffer from insomnia, and others feel indisposed, depressed, aggressive or on the contrary, nostalgic or more romantic than ever.

On the other hand, the New Moon is a favorable moment for changes, beginnings, and giving up harmful habits. In 2023, these two phenomena take place as follows:

  • January: January 10 Full Moon; January 24 New Moon
  • February: February 9 Full Moon; February 23 New Moon
  • March: March 9 Full Moon, March 24 New Moon
  • April: April 8 Full Moon, April 23 New Moon
  • May: May 7 Full Moon, May 22 New Moon
  • June: June 5 Full Moon, June 21 New Moon
  • July: July 5 Full Moon, July 20 New Moon
  • August: August 3 Full Moon, August 19 New Moon
  • September: September 2 Full Moon, September 17 New Moon
  • October: October 1 Full Moon, October 31 Full Moon; October 16 New Moon
  • November: November 30 Full Moon; November 15 New Moon
  • December: December 30 Full Moon; December 14 New Moon

Eclipses of 2023

Regardless of their type, eclipses affect us emotionally for days before and after the occurrence of the phenomenon itself. Even if they don’t always have negative connotations, most of the time they disturb us, make us more emotional, insecure, fearful. Therefore, in these periods we are more vulnerable and it is good not to undertake important changes, not to make major decisions and not to go through high-risk surgical interventions.

In 2023, six eclipses await us, of which only one is total.

  • January 10 – lunar eclipse
  • June 5 – lunar eclipse
  • June 21 – solar eclipse
  • July 5 – lunar eclipse
  • November 30, 2023– lunar eclipse
  • December 14, 2023– total solar eclipse

When Mercury enters retrograde

Three times a year, for approximately three weeks, this phenomenon feared by many happens: Mercury apparently goes into retrograde motion.

During the retrograde periods of the planet Mercury, things tend to go backward. There are delays, postponements, breakdowns, and bad luck. We communicate with difficulty and misunderstand each other. Not everyone feels these effects as intensely, but good protection overcomes bad danger. Here’s when to keep your eyes peeled!

  • February 16-March 10 (Mercury retrograde in Pisces, then in Aquarius)
  • June 18-July 12 (Mercury retrograde in Cancer)
  • October 13-November 3 (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, then in Libra)

Capricorn put to the test

Two retrograde planets visit Capricorn in 2023.

From May 14 to September 13, Jupiter will be retrograded in Capricorn, and from April 25 to October 4, Pluto retrogrades in the same zodiac sign. The two events can translate into less productive or even unfortunate moments in the career, through consistent and unexpected expenses or through various negative moods and starts. If you do not make important investments, if you fulfill your tasks and avoid conflicts, you can go through these periods without too many problems.

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