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Top 4 Zen Signs

Tranquility, optimism and self-control or stress, agitation, and negativism?

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All 12 zodiac signs experience both poses. But 4 of them are found overwhelmingly often in the first one and they fight with all their weapons against the second one.

4 signs that enjoy Zen


Rarely will you meet a Piscean at the height of his anger, who would make a scene or have a nervous breakdown? It is said that they are among the calmest signs. When something goes wrong, Pisces waits for it to pass, they don’t intervene impulsively and don’t force things. Anger is a state that does not characterize them in the slightest and that they only experience in exceptional situations. Yoga, meditation, and self-analysis exercises work excellently for them. All this helps them to accept and overcome their frustrations and calm their inner noise. They love the time they can spend alone, with their thoughts.

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Scales are the symbol of measure, balance, and harmony. They rejoice when things go smoothly and when there is peace and harmony around them. But their Zen comes precisely from the way they deal with obstacles and difficulties, when they encounter them: even if they react uncontrollably at the moment, they manage to calm down and minimize the importance of any small drama in a way only they know. They are patient and try their best not to give scope to the negative feelings they experience, restlessness, and doubts. And if someone needs help, those born in Libra give it naturally, as if it was their purpose to do so.

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Anyone who has a Gemini near can say about him that he seems, most of the time, carefree and cheerful. Everything passes, even the upsets and the problems, and Gemini knows this very well. That is precisely why they have an impressive ability to detach. When someone is not to their liking, they manage to move away or not get involved from the very beginning. On the other hand, the Zen of Gemini comes precisely from their amazing ability to quickly adapt to any person or situation. Even if he has a full social life and is involved in many activities at the same time, in reality all a Gemini wants is to end the day so that he can retire to his corner, where he allows himself the luxury of not being bothered by nothing and no one. Here he finds his calm.

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Although they have a hectic life (or maybe that’s why), Aquarians desperately look for moments of relaxation and peace, where they can only hear their own thoughts. Peace is one of the ideals that Aquarians have inscribed in their nature. They are not tempted by feelings of jealousy or envy, they do not grind senselessly – they trust people and do not worry about any trifle. If you are an Aquarius, you probably often dream of the moment when you will be able to move somewhere far from stress and constraints, free to do only what you want. You don’t like to stir the waters and you enjoy when you have the privilege of comforting moments.

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