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The Astrological Events In January Free Us From Everything That Is Toxic.

Here are the moments from Cosmos that we must pay attention to in January.

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January is probably one of the most important months of 2023. It comes with important changes in the Cosmos. The divine force of the Universe gives us the power to be reborn from our own ashes so that we become stronger than ever. We hold the supreme power. We are capable of everything we set out to do. We leave behind everything that is toxic and start a new chapter of our life… and this will be the most beautiful one so far.

January is the seventh month of the year, however, in the collective numerology of 2023, it has the vibrations of the number 4. The energy of 4 carries the power of the following themes:

– self-expression;
– self-fulfillment;
– stability;
– inner strength;
– the change.

The astrological events in January free us from everything that is toxic. We rise from our own ashes and become invincible

Here are the moments in Cosmos that we must pay attention to:

January 3: The Sirius Portal opens

Between January 3-15, a sacred gate of incredible energy is activated between the Earth and the star Sirius, bringing strong vibrations and much spiritual progress. The universe offers us a new beginning; we have the opportunity to connect to the higher realms and to understand things that until now we looked at in the fog. Sirius transmits high vibrations and spiritual progress, allowing us to open to higher dimensions, learn to honor the cycles of life and accept the growth of the soul.

January 5: Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer

It’s time to use intuitive power. The warrior Mars enters the stable Taurus and helps us to be much more attentive to our states and emotions. On the same day, Mercury enters empathetic Cancer, encouraging us to listen and pay more attention to our intuition. Both influences urge us to slow down and be fully present to better understand what and how we want to live.

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January 13: Full Moon in Capricorn

We align ourselves with the Divine Law and have access to the Divine Will. The Full Moon in January takes place in Capricorn and opens the door to a new beginning in the heart of summer. This is the magical peak of the lunar cycle that offers us a dynamic time to manifest our goals, to free ourselves from inner stress so that we can fulfill our dreams and make a little magic in our lives.

The Full Moon urges us to forgive ourselves for any regrets so that we can make peace with the past and learn to live in the present.

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January 17: Venus enters Cancer

We synchronize with the frequency of love. Venus enters Cancer and brings divine nourishment to our hearts. In astrology, Venus rules beauty, love, relationships, values, ​​and our decision-making process. This period radically changes the course of our lives and urges us to focus on the things that really matter.

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January 19: Mercury enters Leo and Chiron retrogrades

It’s time to get to know our inner child. Mercury opens doors and windows to new possibilities to connect our souls to our hearts. When Mercury enters Leo, ruler of the Sun, a new realm of creative expression opens up for us so that we have a dynamic approach to communication with the people around us.

At the same time, Chiron, the master healing teacher, retrogrades into Aries and tells us that in order to heal we must look inward and face the deep parts of our soul – the uncomfortable, unknown and scary ones. The universe is urging us to use this retrograde to recognize the importance of self-care.

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January 22: Lion season begins

The sun is moving towards its birth sign: the bold and courageous Leo and convinces us to bring creative magic into our lives. After Cancer season reconnected us with inner love, Leo will reconnect us with our passions and ignite creative inspiration, fulfillment, and satisfaction. It is time to be brave in making decisions and to trust the calling of our hearts.

January 28: Jupiter enters retrograde + New Moon in Leo

We must use this time for complete self-awareness. January Leo New Moon is an activation point for the future portal, the Lion’s Gate, highlighting the journey of heart awakening. A brand new show is about to begin as the shadow of the Moon brings something fresh and unknown.

When Jupiter retrogrades, some necessary tuning and adjustments bring us closer to the truth and who we are. This period is one loaded with deep work that prompts us to realize who we are and what we want.

January 31: Uranus forms a new cycle with the North Node

Uranus, the Great Awakener, forms a new cycle with the North Node as it opposes the South Node. This dynamic influence will draw important lessons into our lives that will encourage us to detach ourselves from social traditions that do not allow us to grow.

Uranus has not touched the Lunar Nodes since 2002. The themes we will experience during this period are:

– the importance of fundamental values;
– change, release, freedom;
– redefining relationships with the people around us;
– improving personal life.

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