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What To Do To Turn Him Into The Perfect Lover, Depending On His Sign

You have to assert yourself from the beginning of the relationship in front of the Sagittarius native, otherwise, he will not give a damn about what you say or ask him.


This native is very stubborn and too full of himself, which will end up bothering you at some point.
Try to put him in awkward positions or tense face-to-face situations with people whose word matters to him, especially when you know for sure that he is wrong.


You can’t rely on this native, because one thing says and another does.
If he promises something and doesn’t keep his word, don’t be permissive because that’s how you’ll learn. Hit him back in kind or even retaliate by doing the things you know bother him the most.


This native is very agitated and impulsive most of the time in his relationship with you. Try to temper him, but if you can’t, you will have to resort to punishments to teach him to mind.
The more he sees that what he’s doing is bothering you, the more he’ll try to change.


If you want to have nothing to reproach him with, then try to keep it short.
This native is attracted to all women around him, regardless of whether he is in a serious relationship or not, and this will become annoying at some point. Assert yourself from the very beginning and make it clear what the rules are!


You have to help this native get rid of criticism if you want him to be the perfect lover, otherwise, you won’t be able to stand him around for long.
Hit him back in kind when you think he’s exaggerating and make fun of him in front of his friends, he’ll definitely put more effort into keeping his mouth shut.


This native thinks he is too important and often treats you with superiority, and to top it off, you can’t rely on what he says.
Try to pay him back in the same coin and make him fear your vengeful actions as a result of his actions.


This native is too jealous, and you will not be able to bear the situation too much.
Even if you like his care for you to some extent, he tends to overdo it and control you too much. The best technique to make him realize the seriousness of things is to threaten to leave him and maybe even do it if he doesn’t change!


You have to assert yourself from the very beginning of the relationship, otherwise, this native will not give a damn about what you say or ask.
The fact that he wants to decide will still become annoying along the way, and it will be quite difficult to change the situation that you have already accustomed him to.


This native is very proud, although in his heart he knows that he is not right sometimes.
Break him out of this habit by forcing him to do what he doesn’t like or put him in embarrassing situations with his friends. He must learn to admit his mistakes, especially to admit when someone else is better than him.


This native has a tendency to put himself or you in the background, just for the sake of not being judged by those around him.
They often give up their plans to satisfy other people, which will bother you enormously. If you want to change him, try putting sticks in his wheels and separating him from the people who give you trouble.


This native is very forgetful and you may find yourself not showing up for a meeting that you had planned in detail.
It’s tiring, but try to make him responsible by leaving him alone when you have to make important decisions.


This native is very comfortable, stubborn, and pampered by everyone, that’s why he runs away from responsibilities.

Don’t help him when he asks, and give him eye-opening tasks that will make him think maturely.

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