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3 Zodiacs Attracting Good Luck Around The Summer Solstice

The spirit of the summer solstice lingers in the air. Although it officially occurred on June 20th at 4:51 PM EST, its essence remains vibrant throughout the rest of June.

The seasons are shifting, and we are fully entering our summer era, shedding the heaviness of winter and spring to embrace a fresh, revitalized self under the abundant sunshine. While everyone can thrive during this period, these three zodiac signs will be especially fortunate.

Curious about your luck? Check your zodiac sign below.


With the summer solstice also marking the beginning of Cancer season, your luck is especially potent. Your good fortune will stem from your openness and acceptance of yourself and others. Enter this summer to be kinder to yourself. Treat yourself with the same care you offer others, and watch your luck grow.


If you’ve been feeling down due to the rain of spring or start ll hung up on the cold of winter, now is your time to shine. The summer heat and sun will revitalize you this year. Your good luck will come from making big plans for both the solstice and the summer. Gather your favorite people for summer activities like beach days, roasting marshmallows around the fire, and long conversations under the stars. Good luck will find you in these moments


You may not always believe in luck, but it finds you often, thanks to your hard work. This summer solstice, your good fortune will come from your actions. Work towards your goals, and things will fall into place. Between now and June 23rd, make a significant move toward your dreams, and you may be surprised at how close you get.a

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