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The Age Range You’ll Marry Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The age at which one gets married is completely dependent on various factors such as the partners one chooses, and the dynamics of the relationship itself. However, sometimes your zodiac sign can lend insight into when you are most likely to tie the knot. Different signs have different concepts of love and partnership, and they deal with relationships and commitment in ways that vary greatly. Sometimes, it takes one sign a few brief, dreamlike moments to know that they want to settle down, while it may take other signs decades before they are truly ready to say I do.

Wondering what your zodiac sign says about the age you will walk down the aisle? Find out below:

Aries: Early Twenties

Aries are recognized for their unyielding impulsiveness and bravery, which tend to ignite a passionate drive within them that is challenging to extinguish with regular logic and reasoning. They will always follow their heart over their head, and as a result, Aries may be prone to pursuing a committed relationship at a younger age, resulting in them spontaneously tying the knot in their early twenties.

Taurus: Early Thirties

Although Taureans are motivated by security and stability, they can also be hindered by their extreme and substantial aspirations. Unfortunately, these two traits can counterbalance each other. A grounded relationship could lead a Taurus to pursue getting married within a typical age range, but not at the cost of hindering their professional growth. As a result, Taureans are more inclined to tie the knot in their late twenties or early thirties, after they have set the foundation for their dreams and goals to come to fruition.

Gemini: Mid-Twenties

Gemini’s are recognized in the zodiac for their extreme exuberance and listless zest for life, but they possess a perplexing duality, as they can also tend idleness when it comes to choosing just one partner. Despite this, when they do find someone who ignites something within their hearts, Geminis are often inclined to quickly enter into a relationship, as their infatuation tends to get the best of them. Therefore, Geminis are likely to get married in their mid-twenties.

Cancer: Early Thirties

Cancers are known for their unwavering loyalty. They are highly sensitive and they constantly assist their loved ones, which can often leave them susceptible to emotional distress. Unfortunately, this trait may result in them constructing a guarded wall of indecisiveness and insecurity around their hearts. As a consequence of their self-doubt, it is challenging to predict when, or if, a Cancer will choose to marry. However, as they grow up and work through their emotional bonds and self-imposed barriers, they soften toward the love they have desired to find all along. If Cancer can learn to let go, they will marry in their early thirties.

Leo: Early Twenties

Leos possess enormous hearts and their primary motivations are centered around a yearning for affection and a thrilling thirst for excitement and adventure. As long as a Leo is guided by their emotions and their spontaneity, they may choose to get married at any point in their lives. However, their inclination to live in the present, instead of planning for the future, may lead them to rush into marriage impulsively. Therefore, it’s quite possible to hear wedding bells chiming in Leo’s early twenties.

Virgo: Late Thirties / Early Forties

Virgos are industrious and neatly organized individuals who prioritize critical thinking over matters of the heart. Due to their unwavering commitment to their chosen field of work and their passion for excelling in their careers, Virgos are inclined to delay marriage until their late thirties or early forties. Nonetheless, when Virgo decides to settle down and tie the knot, they are wholeheartedly devoted to their partner and give their all to the relationship.

Libra: Early to Mid-Twenties

Libras have an innate desire to be in a committed relationship. Their love for love is apparent as they recognize beauty in the unlikeliest of places and prioritize comfort and harmony over adventure and excitement. Consequently, when Libra finds the perfect partner, they are eager to settle down at any stage of life. Since Libras value partnership, they may find their soulmate in their early to mid-twenties, as they have been looking for their twin flame since they were young.

Scorpio: Late Forties or Early Fifties

Scorpios are as deeply passionate as they are headstrong, and they are innately skeptical when it comes to the concept of true love. They are more receptive to concrete evidence than emotions and sentiments, so it will take a very specific human being to break through their defenses. Scorpios are incredibly loyal friends, but their unexplained jealousy and distrustful nature make it challenging to anticipate when they will tie the knot if they do at all. With that being said, if they do decide to marry, it is likely to be later in life, such as their late forties or early fifties.

Sagittarius: Mid-Thirties

Sagittarians often prioritize remaining single until they reach a greater level of maturity. Although they tend to use humor and empathy to diffuse tense situations, they have deeply idealistic expectations when it comes to their partners and the love they hope to find, and that can therefore be challenging to meet. Unfortunately, Sagittarians may also lack patience and discretion, which often results in emotional immaturity. This requires them to wait for a more developed relationship, and because of this, they are likely to get married in their mid-thirties.

Capricorn: Early Forties

Capricorns have a unique ability to exercise patience, self-control, and empathy that sets them apart from other zodiac signs. They are goal-driven and self self-aware comes to determining their limits, which contributes to their immense success in life. Therefore, Capricorns may delay marriage to their career and reputation. They are likely to get married in their early forties, but only if they have achieved their goals first.

Aquarius: Early to Mid-Thirties

Aquarians often prefer to stay single until they find someone who matches their independent and adventurous spirit. They are always seeking novelty and excitement, and this means that they sometimes overlook the value of what they have in their present moment. This can result in a thrilling life, but they won’t consider settling down until they find someone who is equally as focused on consistently moving forward. Therefore, they tend to settle down and tie the knot in their early to mid-thirties, when the partners they are choosing from are secure within their independence and respectful of theirs.

Pisces: Late Twenties

Pisces are known for their extraordinary levels of empathy and trust, and their tendency to seek brief breaks from reality. While this proclivity can sometimes lead them astray, their intuitive gifts always bring them back down to Earth. Therefore, Pisceans may fall into a dreamlike love early in life, but will only get married when the time feels truly right, often tying the knot in their late twenties

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