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4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Stressing This November

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Some zodiacs have been enjoying a peaceful November. But others are overloaded with stress. They’ve barely had a moment to think straight because they’re dealing with so many different things at once. Here are a few zodiacs who have been stressing out this November:


Capricorn, now that the year is coming to an end, you’ve been putting more and more pressure on yourself. You’re scrambling to reach goals that you set for yourself early in the year and feel like you’re running out of time. You’re barely giving yourself a chance to rest because there are so many more things you want to accomplish before 2022 comes to a close – but you need to remember, you can’t rush success. And if you put too much on your plate at once, you’re only going to burn yourself out. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t complete all your goals this year. There’s always next year. Your time hasn’t run out yet, so go easy on yourself.

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Cancer, you’re always running around trying to make sure that everyone you care about is doing okay. But you can’t take on all of their problems, especially when it means ignoring your own. You’re going to be way too stressed if you keep believing that everyone else’s happiness is your responsibility. You aren’t in charge of their emotions. You can be a good friend and a good partner without spending every waking moment worrying about others. As much as you want to protect them, you have to trust them. Trust that they have this handled. Trust that they don’t actually need you to hold their hand through every step of the way. They’re going to be okay. And so are you, as long as you step back and remember that their problems aren’t your problems.

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Leo, even though you know that you’ve been doing your absolute best, you’ve been feeling like it isn’t good enough. You’ve been feeling like you should be doing more, working more, achieving more. After all, you assumed you would be further ahead in life by now. You thought that you would have way more goals crossed off the checklist by this age. But you can’t fault yourself for the pace in which you’re moving. Everyone moves forward at their own pace. Some achievements won’t happen overnight. They take a while. So keep going. Stay persistent. Don’t give up now. But take a break if you’re stressed. One or two days of relaxation won’t set you back too much.

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You’ve been sitting awake most nights, worrying about the future. But you can’t concern yourself too much with tomorrow because the future is unpredictable. You have no idea what’s waiting down the road. It’s best to focus on today, on this moment right now, because your current actions are the one thing you can control. Remember, things might not work out the way that you planned but that’s okay. Instead of stressing over it, try to accept the fact that you aren’t at fault for every little thing that goes wrong. You don’t have that much control. But you can control your reactions.

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4 Zodiacs Who Have Been Stressing This November

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