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The Book Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Grateful They Read In 2024


It takes a long time for you to open up to someone. It also takes you a long time to fall in love. You’re not one for change, and you will often settle for less than you deserve. Taurus, you need to remember how worthy you are. You need to remember that you deserve so much more than you’re allowing in your life. All That You Deserve is the reminder you need.


You are a social butterfly, Gemini. You like constant stimulation and communication, and sometimes, people think it’s a lot to deal with. When you lose interest in someone or something, you do a complete 180 and let go, as if nothing or no one mattered. Be The One will inspire you to hold onto friendships and love, even when they get tough or “boring” because they are oftentimes, very much worth it.


You are very much in tune with your emotions. While that can be a good thing, it’s also not necessarily the best — it often leaves you disappointed, lonely, and cold-hearted. Your Heart is the Seais the reminder you need that you’re allowed to feel the depths of your wounds but also that you will find the light at the end of the tunnel and you will heal.


You’re a lover, Leo. You love romance and affection from an outside person. While you do have a bit of an ego and you love yourself, do you really love yourself? Do you take care of yourself? Do you nurture all your bad qualities as much as your good ones? All The Love You Carry is for you to find true healing and solidify the love you say you have yourself.


You are not gentle with your words, especially if you’re critiquing yourself. You are so harsh with yourself and you need to learn to be kinder. A Gentle Reminder is for you to read when some days are harder; for when you’re balancing the messiness of life; when you need to hear that you deserve to be loved the way you love others; for when you need to believe in the beauty of being soft.


Libra, you strive for beauty, balance, and peace. Sometimes you find it, and sometimes you don’t. All The Right Pieces is the encouragement and reminder you need that if you are still healing and still growing — that is okay. Dealing with the good and the bad is okay. This is your becoming. You are whole.


You can be jealous, overprotective, and fiercely passionate about whatever you set your heart on. When something or someone disappoints you, you tap into some intensity. The Strength In Our Scars can help guide you through that gut-wrenching journey of moving on and healing. You will find peace here — and you need it.


You don’t like to be tied down. You like exploring and learning new things and meeting new people. However, along your journeys, you often forget to be fully present in those moments. You often forget what it’s like to be at home with yourself. Come Home To Yourself is a collection of poems that explores the highs and lows of letting go, loneliness, and solitude.


You don’t allow yourself to rest, do you, Capricorn? You expect so much of yourself and push yourself until you burn out. If you agree with this, you need to read When You’re Ready, This Is How You Heal. This collection of essays will help you release old patterns and find inner peace while on your path of transformation.


Relationships and talking about your feelings are not priorities to you. You are only ever focused on yourself, your passion projects, and your aspirations. Ceremony is for the ones who are on the cusp of becoming and tapping into their greatest potential. Aquarius, you know that you’re unique, and this book will validate you. But it will also give you a chance to dive deeper into yourself.


You are not a force to be reckoned with. You can be hotheaded, Aries, and you don’t let yourself be vulnerable, even when given the opportunity. When The Bee Stings is your reminder that it’s okay to feel empowered. It’s okay to feel lonely and defeated sometimes, too. It’s okay to take up space and it’s okay to not ask for permission to do so.


Pisces, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are lovey-dovey and you go the extra mile in your relationships. When something happens that leaves you feeling disappointed and heartbroken, you don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s the end of the world for you. Somewhere in Between will reassure you that not only are your feelings valid but also that everything will be okay. Feel it all. You’re allowed.

The Book Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Grateful They Read In 2024

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