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What Job Is Perfect For Your Zodiac Sign?

A career change in sight?

Do you have doubts about your career choice?

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Yes, the planets have an opinion about this too.

If you have never thought about using astrology to determine your career, now is the time to seriously question yourself. Astrology is full of clues to know what our potential is and how to develop it. For example, the  Midheaven found when calculating your astral chart tells you how you work in the professional sector. But your Sun sign, or primary astrological sign for the cosmic ungodly, is a great foundation. For what? It represents the way in which you want to shine on the world, to flourish. We tell you if Neptune destined you to be a caregiver or if Mercury makes you a born communicator.


A Fire sign, Aries has energy and passion to spare. But it is also above all a sign which has a permanent need to surpass oneself and for independence. In fact, any job can suit Aries, as long as it involves a good dose of challenge, competition, and little hierarchy. But his ideal status is indeed that of an entrepreneur. Being their own boss, creating a business, launching a project: this is what motivates them above all else. That, and being accountable to no one but themselves. Note that with its strong need to exercise, Aries will also appreciate jobs related to sport or outdoors.

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The astrological sign of good living par excellence, Taurus is made for jobs related to food. Whether it is food shops or, at the source, cultivating these ingredients. And who better to nourish others than the first of the Earth signs, that of spring, of sensual pleasure and abundance? In astrology, we associate the Taurus patient with fauna and flora, in short: with the care of the living. Taurus also makes an excellent animal caretaker and his creative fiber which comes from his planet, Venus (love and beauty), also predestines him to crafts.

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If you’ve ever met a Gemini, you know that they talk more than any other star sign. In astrology, the sign of the twins is that of the planet Mercury: the messenger of the gods and merchants. This is why it is said that natives of the double sign make excellent communicators. They think faster than their shadow and words are their best asset. Writers, journalists but also teachers, speakers, and traders: jobs that mainly consist of writing or speaking will be perfect for Gemini.

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“You’re going to catch a cold!” Put it on! » Sweet Cancers take your well-being very seriously. Even too close to heart, but that’s another debate. To tell the truth, it is their chosen star that gives them this “I am the mother of all humanity” aspect: the Moon. A star linked to fertility, gentleness, and parenthood, it makes Cancers the perfect candidates for working in the care of others, especially the most vulnerable: children, elderly or disabled people, the sick but also animals, and even plants. Finally, the fertility of the Moon makes Cancers very prolific in artistic fields: they need a job with a minimum of creativity.

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Here too, creativity is the keyword. But where Taurus is into pottery and Cancer is into poetry, Leo needs to shine. The sign linked to the god of arts and music, Apollo, needs to be seen, heard, and above all appreciated at its true value. His quest for entertainment and recognition will push him towards the stage profession. But we will also see Leo take center stage in another way, by highlighting works of art as a guide in a museum, for example. A perfect combination of accuracy, self-confidence, and leadership, Leos will also shine as a team leader.

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Patient, meticulous, and humble, on top of that, Virgos excels in professions that require learning, method, and technique. And this is thanks to the Greek divinity who represents them: Ceres (or Demeter), goddess of crafts and agriculture. As manual as they are intellectual, Virgos are above all thirsty for knowledge and they have an essential need to constantly learn… To put it into practice. Those who like to repeat tasks to perfection as well as being useful make perfect artisans, researchers, scientists, or even teachers. But their organizational skills make them good cinema managers or librarians.

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It’s no secret to astrology aficionados that Libras make perfect intermediaries. It is linked to their favorite star, Venus. This is not only the planet of love but above all that of everything that binds us: affection, friendship but also contracts. Yes, Libras are dream wedding planners. They have the art of anticipating needs and desires, artistic sense, and social fiber. These followers of harmony and balance also flourish in the professions of artistic mediation, decoration, or even couples therapy.

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Nothing interests a Scorpio more than taboo and mystery. They throw themselves headlong into discovering the lightest subjects and don’t hesitate to dig when they sense a good vein. Their favorite star is Pluto, or Hades, king of the Underworld. His philosophy: it is in darkness that precious stones are found. This is why Scorpios know how to transform coal into diamond. As sensitive as they are lucid, we will find Scorpios in professions related to psychology, death, and mourning, or even sex. Psychologist, psychiatrist, sexologist or even help for victims of sexual violence: nothing scares Scorpios, for whom taboos only serve to oppress the weakest. Fascinated by everything we don’t see,

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For those who have adventurous souls, they need a job that allows them to move geographically while multiplying experiences. If one of these elements is missing, she risks being bored. This Fire sign linked to the giant Jupiter, the planet of growth, needs to constantly evolve: whether in terms of skills or place in the hierarchy. But the ideal profession for Sagittarius is undoubtedly teaching. In addition to being hungry for knowledge and keen to pass on their knowledge, Sagittarius is a born speaker thanks to their charisma and enthusiasm. In any case, Sagittarians are on the move and might want to change jobs often and increase their professional experience, particularly abroad.

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Ambitious, Capricorns need a job that offers constant evolution. They like to give their all and never rest on their laurels. The fields of finance or accounting are ideal for those whose favorite planet is Saturn, the star of the time, money, and the expression “time is money”. Like Leos, they make very good managers, and like Aries, they have an entrepreneurial spirit. Tenacious and serious, Capricorns know how to discipline themselves and guide others: being a coach could also appeal to them. In all cases and like all Earth signs, Capricorn needs a stable job that provides them with comfort and financial security above all.

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They have the art of thinking outside the box, of looking far out to the horizon, where no one dares to look. Aquarians are in the image of their planet Uranus, aka Ouranos god of the sky: in search of elsewhere. Those who like to seek new solutions to problems as old as time are made to work in the field of innovation, research, or engineering. Did you know that it is an Air sign and not a Water sign? What Aquarius pours are waves and not waves. Also, astrologers often associate Aquarius with sound and new technologies. The web and music professions are ideal playgrounds for Aquarius. Finally, her committed, idealistic and social fiber would also make her very valuable in an associative field.

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Patient and compassionate, Pisces has all the qualities to make a perfect caregiver. Once again, it is their favorite planet which is at the origin of this predisposition for the field of health. Neptune is, among other things, the planet of healing. The oversized empathy of Pisces makes them capable of listening and their altruism gives them the gift of withdrawing: like Scorpio, psychology and psychiatry extend their arms to them. Just like Cancers, their gentleness opens the doors to professions in early childhood and caring for others. But Pisces are also great, inspired creatives and excel in art, particularly music.

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What Job Is Perfect For Your Zodiac Sign?

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