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Two Signs Will Have Difficulty Starting The Month Of September

It’s back to school and the time has come for certain astrological signs to review their role. Because, if the beginning of September brings luck to some of them, this is not the case for all. It must be said that between the retrogrades and the super Moons, the astral calendar for this 2023 school year is busy and promises some hiccups for certain members of the zodiac. As you know, there is never anything serious in astrology: only symbols. So don’t panic if you see your sign appear in this article. Jean-Yves Espié even gives you some advice to get back on track and perhaps get yourself a place in the top next week. In any case, it is never superfluous to remember that this is only cosmic interpretation, not infused science (or even science in general). Now that Capricorns are reassured, here are the flops of the week.

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Horoscope: The Month Of Retrogrades Begins

But first of all, here is our celestial weather report. If some are bitterly angry with Mercury retrograde for the loss of their transport card or the fatal passage of their headphones in the washing machine: they are far from having seen everything. Right now, in the sky, it’s a retrograde fair. Monday, September 4 certainly marks the end of Venus retrograde, known by the nickname season of breakups, but it is also the beginning of Jupiter retrograde, the star of luck. Patras? Not that much. But we will have to hang on all the same since Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are also retrograde at this time. Yes, you read correctly, six planets perform a sort of cosmic moonwalk and in astrology, this is not trivial. This return to school is perfect for questioning multiple aspects of your life, taking notes, and seeing what you can do to adjust your focus. Imagine this moment as a big update: it’s long, it’s laborious and it promises to heat up the hard drive a little, but it’s necessary. That said, two signs will perhaps have more difficulty than the others in starting the transition, according to Jean-Yves Espié.

Horoscope: This Sign Will Have To Show Diplomacy This Week

No “I would have done it like that” for this astrological sign this week: he will have to make some concessions. Since compromise is not his favorite dish, Leo might have a little difficulty getting the pill through. However, in the sky, several stars support it, as Jean-Yves Espié recalls. “With Venus and Mars on your side, we are counting on you to give the starting signal but also to take the initiative,” analyzes the astrologer. Venus stops retrograding in your sign this week, the light turns green and you feel an irrepressible urge to scatter. Slow down. “Your vital force is now on an upward curve that nothing seems to slow down,” warns Jean-Yves Espié before warning you: “You will have to juggle between diplomacy and determination. ” THELeo is a passionate go-getter but he may tend to think he is incapable of working in a group. This limiting thought, largely due to the astrological prejudices that are rife about the alleged selfishness of the cosmic feline, can very well be swept away with a sweep of the mane. As an astrological sign of self-expression, you have all the cards in your hand to communicate effectively. The astrologer’s advice? “Explain in more detail what you expect from those around you. » Be as precise as possible, you will only be clearer.

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Horoscope: This Sign Will Have To Prioritize

Speaking of precision, Leo could very well draw inspiration from the talents of this other sign of the zodiac at the bottom of the rankings of the week. This place in “flops” will seem surprising to more than one astrology aficionado: VirgoHer favorite season has barely started and she is already overwhelmed. In question? His eternal perfectionism sometimes takes over when he could be more discreet, particularly in his personal life. “Saturn’s opposition suggests that you not focus on what’s stuck in order to better concentrate on what you can resolve quickly and well,” interprets Jean-Yves Espié. Because Saturn in Pisces, the opposite and complementary sign of Virgo, is there to push her to her limits and impose small tests on her that will undoubtedly make her grow.

It is also an opportunity for Virgo to let go occasionally and to be able to concentrate on what works rather than on the rest. She will see that it’s all a matter of perception and that she doesn’t have to bend over backward for everyone at the slightest problem. Fortunately, in the sky, we also find beneficial aspects for Virgo such as “the double influence of the Sun and Jupiter [which] indicates a period of opportunities”, according to Jean-Yves Espié. The astrologer’s advice as everything accelerates at the start of September? “Situations requiring rapid reaction will come one after the other: don’t wait until the last moment. » That’s pretty good, organization is your thing.

Two Signs Will Have Difficulty Starting The Month Of September

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