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4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t Hung Up On Their Exes (So You Don’t Need To Stress)

Some zodiacs will be hung up on their exes for a long time after the breakup. They will need months to heal because they still wish that the relationship could have worked out. But other zodiacs are going to be happy their ex is part of their past. They won’t have any desire to get back together. Here are the zodiacs who aren’t hung up on their exes, so you don’t have to worry about them pining after someone from their past:


Once an Aries ends a relationship, they aren’t going to be thinking about their ex all that much. They live in the present, not the past, so they will be focused on other things. They will be more worried about tomorrow than yesterday. Although their exes might hold a special place in their heart, an Aries isn’t going to let themselves pine over someone who doesn’t want to be in their life, someone who doesn’t deserve them. They can’t control anyone else’s actions, only their own, so they are going to focus on the things they can control. They are going to focus on building the best possible life for themselves, and sadly, that doesn’t include their ex.


Geminis are trying their best to enjoy every moment as it comes. They don’t think about the past all that much because it’s not going to get them anywhere. It’s much more beneficial to focus on the present and future. This sign has been through a lot of loss, and they understand that there’s no changing the past. There’s no reason to dwell on what went wrong or what they could have done better in an old relationship. They aren’t hung up on their exes because they realize there are so many other people out there who will be more compatible with them than old partners ever were.


Scorpios don’t live life with regrets. If they cut you out of their life, they must have had a good reason. They must feel like they are much better off without you around. So they aren’t going to be thinking about their exes much. They will do their best to forget about the people who have caused the pain in the past because those people don’t deserve the time of day. A Scorpio is capable of holding a grudge. They aren’t going to be hung up on their ex because they broke up for a reason. And a Scorpio is never going to forget that reason.


Capricorns are one of the most logical signs in the zodiac. Although they have big hearts and have trouble with breakups, they aren’t going to stay hung up on their exes. After all, this sign isn’t the type to get into on and off relationships. If they went through the trouble of a breakup, then that must mean the relationship was never going to work. It must mean that they weren’t the best partners for each other. And even though this might be painful to accept at first, a Capricorn is going to listen to their heard over their heart. If this person is no good for them, there’s no reason to continue thinking about them. There’s no reason to dwell on a past that is long gone.

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