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4 Zodiacs About To Start A New Life Chapter in August


Your next life chapter requires extreme independence, Leo. Perhaps more than you believe yourself capable of. Your social butterfly ways mean you will meet new people wherever you go, but there is no amount of surface-level chats or casual flirting that will save you from the self-examination that comes with being alone with yourself. You will feel lonely at times, far from the familiar, from your tried and true support systems and comfort zones. That’s okay. This life chapter is meant for you to explore the full scope of possibilities your future holds. It’s only natural that chasing your wildest dreams will require you to step away from the world you know and into one that barely feels real.


Your next life chapter is about life-changing love, Taurus. It’s about discovering the very best you have to offer the world. The you that you will discover and nurture and refine because of the deep, pure, love and support you’ve been receiving from a partner. It’s not that this person will change you in any way, but they’ve provided you a safety and security that allows you to become your best self. You can finally let go of old fears, old wounds, and old coping mechanisms from chapters past. You see your life is headed in a positive direction, and it’s been the permission you’ve been waiting for. Permission you needed to give yourself to hope for the best in life, instead of preparing for the worst.


Libra, your next life chapter is the one where you embrace your natural self. You let go of that childhood and teenage you who imitated the people you admired most. Who tried to replicate a certain look, style, or attitude. Who tried to inhabit a preexisting mold. Instead, this chapter is all about simply enhancing everything that’s naturally there. No more contouring the face you already have to look like someone else’s. Now you accentuate all of your best qualities and characteristics and gas yourself up at the beginning of the day when you look in the mirror. You’re happy to be you, and no one and nothing can convince you otherwise.


In this next life chapter, you give something or someone a second chance, Pisces. You revisit a possibility you had previously crossed off your list. Life’s path is never perfectly straight, and you’d be surprised to find out how often it doubles back on itself. You’ll find yourself in a familiar place, under familiar circumstances, but there will be one crucial variable that has changed. The faster you figure out what it is, the faster you can piece together whatever it is you’re meant to take away from this deja vu. Sometimes the familiar has a way of showing us how much we’ve grown, how someone else has changed, and how far we are from certain beliefs or feelings that once felt permanent. Sometimes the second chance we give someone else is actually a second chance we give ourselves.

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