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4 Zodiacs Who Remain Calm No Matter What


Aries is the tried and true soldier, the emergency responder, the parent who’s always in control of every situation. They play every role to the T and have learned bravery over the years because they consistently put themselves in difficult situations and learn from them. The more they successfully overcome, the less scared they are in the next situation. They know the world expects a lot from them, but they also know they can only do their best. Succeed or fail, they will never shy away from something just because it’s difficult. They always rise to the occasion and face things head on. They know life any other way is less than the full experience it’s meant to be.


Cancer remains level-headed in difficult situations because they remove the emotional factor. Or better said, they recognize their emotions for what they are and don’t let them get in the way. They know fear for what it is but don’t let it stop them from taking action. They know anxiety and grief have a powerful hold on every human being but that most of our worries never come to fruition. They’ve been through hard things before emotionally and they can do it again. So when something difficult arises, they take a deep breath and think about what has to get done. They pick up the phone and make the tough calls. They take care of what has to be handled.


Libra knows all emotions are temporary. The heightened nerves of a stressful situation will eventually pass. Fear subsides. Danger dissipates. The worst experiences never last forever. So when they find themselves in a crunch, they remind themselves that whatever changes or response the situation demands, it will only be temporary or become a new normal. The anxiety of the unknown will turn into something familiar that can be dealt with. Nothing ever seems completely ruined or upended in a permanent way. Libras see negativity as a temporary challenge that must be overcome.


Sagittarius has a reputation for remaining calm because they always find a way to lighten the mood with humor. Their worldview is that life is too short to sweat the small stuff, so they try to take a ‘come what may’ approach. To them life is like a roller coaster that always starts off with a steep incline. If you have no choice but to lean back you might as well relax in their eyes. There’s no point worrying about a problem until it actually happens. This is Sagittarius’ secret to conserving their emotional energy. They don’t allow themselves to get worked up over nothing. Until tragedy strikes, there’s no point in worrying about whether it will or not. God forbid something terrible actually does occur, you don’t want to be emotionally drained from the anticipatory anxiety. Because they stay calm in the lead up, they are better equipped to deal with life when things get heavy.

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