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In June, These Two Zodiac Signs Will Only Have Problems

There can’t always be sunny days and perfect days.

The next few weeks could awaken certain tensions.

Luckily for the two zodiac signs in June’s flop, they have an army of qualities that will help them stay the course.

We grant you, the return of the sun sometimes tends to make us forget all our problems. Only here, the planets are there to call us to order. Their dearest wish: to make us realize that being an ostrich does not always work if it ever does! Like a potentially retrograde Mercury, our horoscope is therefore there to help us decipher the messages that the stars are trying to deliver to us. It’s not always pleasant to read or to experience, but it is better to know what to expect in order to be able to soak up the energies before being caught up in everyday life. After introducing you to the luckiest signs of June, it’s time to list the signs in “cosmic flop”. The next few weeks are likely to take on the appearance of Koh-Lanta rather than a vacation by the sea. Fortunately for them, we all have a part of adventurer and warrior who lies dormant in us.

Horoscope: This Is What June 2023 Will Look Like

If we like to talk about “rounds of the planets”, the month of June turns into a cosmic festival. Expression, thirst for creativity and need to satisfy one’s desires. The beginning of summer gives pride of place to lively and intense energies. The planets immerse us in a recreational mishmash with a sustained and cadenced rhythm. They invite each of us to release the part of authenticity and passion that drives us. It goes fast, it moves, it discusses and it has fun. Except here it is: some signs prefer a solo life and tranquility to society life. Moreover, not everyone can claim to have boundless energy as the Gemini season shields our calendars of appointments and aperitifs which prevent us from having those famous nine hours of regulatory sleep to be able to regenerate.

If the only problem was how to save our nights from madness, the world would be doing relatively well. But, the planets are always full of surprises. In June, Saturn, the star of laws, wisdom, and time, turns around in the sky. We prefer to prevent, when Saturn retrogrades (especially in Pisces), it gives a kind of cosmic blur that pushes us to question everything. And because good news never comes alone, on the 30th, it’s Neptune’s turn to start reversing. It’s a safe bet that the end of the month will be a source of frustration and deep reflection. What generates a little bit of stress for some… Lack of luck or simple need to reassess the foundations of their daily life. Here’s what they can expect.

The Month Of June Promises To Be Complicated For These Two Zodiac Signs

We would have liked to protect them from the wrath of the zodiac. Firstly because these are two very sensitive signs, but above all because delivering bad news is not an easy task. For Scorpio and Pisces, June is not an ideal month. Scorpio is on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of a situation that pushes him to be on the defensive. Misunderstanding, lack of tact, tension. The Scorpion needs to release the pressure as he tends to feel himself in a vice. Problem: he does not always put the forms in it, which risks causing mayhem with those around him. The planets play spoilsport by pushing it to its limits. He will therefore have to succeed in preserving a certain self-control if he does not want to see the situation degenerate. The positive point is that Scorpio has self-control of which he alone has the secret. A strength that will help him keep his head above water, no pun intended.

On the other hand, Pisces swimming in troubled waters. Hit hard by retrograde Saturn, he comes to doubt everything and everyone. His beliefs are questioned, his self-esteem tends to drop and his smile gradually fades from his face. Somewhat demotivated by events, he no longer really knows in which direction to move forward. “On the budget side as on the heart side, a storm threatens him”, warns his horoscope. How do you manage to stay the course and keep a cool head? If the Pisces must remain cautious, he especially has an interest in appealing to those close to him for a little support. 1. It’s okay to ask for help once in a while. 2. It always feels good to know that we are surrounded when the storm rises. Better to focus on the small pleasures of everyday life, making sure to stay focused on the positive. Easy to say and less to do? No worries ! We advise all Pisces people to arm themselves with a small notebook and write down each evening three thoughts that are good, three pleasant moments of the day or three things for which they are grateful. It seems that “+ = +”, but that is still Léna Situations (Scorpion) who talks about it best.

In June, These Two Zodiac Signs Will Only Have Problems

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