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THe Arrival Of Summer Brings Luck To These Three Zodiac Signs

Like every week, Jean-Yves Espié shares his ranking of the signs most favored by the stars.

Meeting, financial bonus, joie de vivre. Discover the horoscope from July 21 to 27, 2023 to find out which are the luckiest signs of the zodiac.

Planets are full of resources. Nature too. Living according to their energies sometimes allows you to feel more aligned. To detractors who do not believe in it, we will simply say that it can also give us a good opportunity to organize our week. It is easier to anticipate the repercussions, the hazards or the little moments of madness. Because the stars also have some nice surprises in store for us. It’s summer, the energies are renewed. Who says new season, says new start? Habits change, and desires too. That’s good, a New Moon in Gemini is preparing. This is the perfect time to draw up a list of everything you want to do, test, and attempt in the coming months. Meet love, start a business, take off to an unknown destination… The field of possibilities knows no barriers.

To help us better understand the issues, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié deciphers the celestial energies in his horoscope every week. Small bonus: he gives us his ranking of the luckiest signs of the moment. The price reduction without further delay.

Horoscope: Predictions For The Week Of July 21 To 27, 2023

In summer, everything goes faster. From the first days, the stars invite us to (re)take our destiny in hand. It all starts with the New Moon in Gemini this Sunday, which breathes new life into our love life. A place for flirting, meetings, and exchanges. This is the perfect time to go out and open up to the world. The relaxation and lightness will only be short-lived, as soon as Saturn enters retrograde. As of July 24, the planet is asking us to review our achievements. It is a question of reconsidering our commitments, of taking stock, of drawing up the balance sheet. The idea is to review the basics and foundations of our projects to move forward better.

If there are efforts to be made, this week leaves room for creativity. The arrival of the Sun in Cancer on the 21st (and summer) brings sweetness, love and pleasure. We take the time to slow down to enjoy what is important to us. Venus, the planet of love, just arrived in Leo, connects to Mars, action, to push us to act according to our desires. Life is good when you feel confident enough to free yourself from your shackles and explore new horizons. The icing on the cake: Jupiter in Taurus helps us find the perfect setting to turn our somewhat exhausting routine into more fulfilling days.

Next Week, Luck Smiles On This Astrological Sign

While Aries will be lucky financially, its opposite sign, Libra, accumulates invitations. After a short period of slowdown, the planets are on a mission to make him smile again. For that, nothing could be easier. They organize themselves to make it shine on the social level. The New Moon and the Sun in Gemini are good for him. Libra can finally reconnect with their worldly side. Exchanges are streamlined and meetings are facilitated. Even more, she can count on the support of “Mercury, the planet of communication, which continues its journey in an Air sign”, as astrologer Jean-Yves Espié explains. In the coming days, the beauty of the zodiac stands out as the person you can count on. His popularity rating skyrocketed. An observation that seems to delight and inspire her.

“On the emotional as well as relational level, it will be understanding, harmony, and you will be able to bring together what brings you closer, with the objective of finding in the other everything you are looking for. A great diplomat, Libra takes the opportunity to ease potential tensions. She makes peace with her enemies and ignores the small reproaches she had to make to those around her. This state of mind also allows him, and above all, to be more available to others. Single, it’s time to meet new people. If the story does not promise to last, the simple flirtation fills this romantic with a big heart with joy. And, when the sign of love and harmony feels fulfilled on the heart side, his whole life takes a more positive turn.

Horoscope: This Astrological Sign Smells Good Veins

We can list all the reasons not to fall in love with a Taurus, but it is clear that the second sign of the zodiac has many qualities. He demonstrates this to us masterfully in the coming days. He smells good plans, he stands out for his gentleness and common sense. We come looking for him for his always very fine advice and his comforting words. Why such a change in attitude? Taurus is carried by the planets which invite him to open up a little more to others. Result: he gains enough self-confidence to dare to say and do what he wants. Yes, really, everything.

“This week, several planetary influences combine in friendly signs. For you who like to live in harmony with your senses, these are chances to improve the ordinary, to meet new faces or to get closer to those who are on the same wavelength”, underlines the astrologer who advises Taurus to forget their “natural restraint” to take the plunge. It must be understood by this that the planets only want him well. Both emotionally and professionally, Taurus has everything to gain by letting go by following their intuition. This is how he will manage to negotiate his best contracts and above all to live beautiful and good times. All are guaranteed hassle-free. It makes you want!

Horoscope: Here Is The Luckiest Sign Of The Week

In recent times, Aquarius has been absent in the ranking of the luckiest signs. He had to face a few questions and many hazards that forced him to review his plans. Luckily, he’s not the unluckiest of the zodiac. After having challenged him, the stars, therefore, grant Aquarius a little parenthesis of sweetness. What allows him to breathe quietly? The astrologer then admits that “the double support of the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Air will manifest itself in an increase in vitality: good humor, ease in communicating and in conveying your ideas”. Aquarius is getting back on its feet, determined to reconnect with its creative force. In short, he rebels and goes in search of more joy.

“With the planet of intelligence and communication [Mercury] as an ally, the time has come to go straight ahead and convince others by using the talent of those who are motivated. Nothing can stop him now. His goals are clear, his desires are ardent. So hot that if they don’t follow their intuition, Aquarius could miss great opportunities. The stars align above his head to show him that it’s time to reclaim his place as an inspiring leader who is always one step ahead of everyone else. Yes, Aquarius is thrust into the limelight for good reason. It is up to him to set the tone, find solutions and take care, as a bonus, of the entertainment committee. The schedule is loaded. Hurry, there’s not a minute to lose.

THe Arrival Of Summer Brings Luck To These Three Zodiac Signs

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