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Everything Is Accelerating This Week For This Zodiac Sign

This week, Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope predicts a flamboyant cosmic boost for this astrological sign for which everything will go very quickly.

Summer is here, and if this astrological sign had the unpleasant impression of stagnating, these days we have good news: according to the stars, things should move very quickly. In the program? The frustrations that fly away, the optimism that is back in service, and a tense situation that could find a much more pleasant outcome than expected. At least, according to the stars and Jean-Yves Espié’s weekly horoscope. Do you have the feeling that your life is stalling (or worse, that it is stalling you) and you have neither this astrological sign, nor even this moon sign? Do not despair, in the stars, the wheel turns quickly. The pace may pick up soon for you too. After all, it’s all about symbols and stardust.

Mars In Virgo: A Liberating Boost

The week of July 6 to 13 promises to pass like a shooting star in the life of this astrological sign. On its way, momentum, luck, and setting in motion. For this sign rather considered as the slowest of the zodiac (even a bit flat plan), it’s a godsend. Of course, we mean Taurus. The reason for this celestial accelerator? From Monday, July 10, they benefit from a cosmic boost in the form of Mars. On this day, the planet of action, decision-making, and desire passes into a friendly sign of Taurus, Virgo. “The Arrival of Marsin a sign of Earth announces an acceleration of the movement, everything should settle more quickly”, explains Jean-Yves Espié. Mars in Virgo comes to give a boost to the life of Taurus, all areas combined. “To put it simply, this is an interesting time to go straight ahead,” sums up the astrologer. Several paused desires can finally materialize, outstretched hands just waiting to be grabbed to finally unlock heavy situations. Taurus: Now is your time.

A Boost Of Audacity And Energy

This ultra-cautious fixed sign that is Taurus is invited to let go of the horses, dare to take the plunge, and above all, (for once) not to think too much. An active and voluntary attitude that will open doors for him that he has been trying to push for a long time this week. Le bovine des étoiles decide to relaunch projects that have been put on hold and finally sends this decisive email which is waiting in its drafts. “Prospects arise on several fronts. Be open to opportunities and make sure you don’t focus on the details,” continues Jean-Yves Espié. In the personal domain too, Taurus is more enterprising. Where he felt his sentimental ship (or his shipwrecked raft, depending) struggling to navigate, the wind blows again in the sails.

Especially since, on Tuesday, July 11, the Moon and Jupiter will be side by side in the constellation of Taurus, fomenting plans for the celestial bovine to take advantage of opportunities even more and make its achievements prosper. The stars are on their side, and Taurus can move forward serenely. An astral configuration that will also inflate the ego and the desire to crave the other Earth signs: Capricorn and Virgo. In short, for this shock crew, the weather is good, the sky is clear and the cruise looks promising.

Everything Is Accelerating This Week For This Zodiac Sign

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