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We Know Why You Are Always Attracted To The Same Signs

Are all of your exes Gemini?

Does your circle consist almost exclusively of Virgo or Libra friends?

We clear up the mystery for you.

Can’t believe your ears: your crush turned out to be a Sagittarius again? As always since the small section of kindergarten? You would very much like to stop the cosmic nags, thank you. Admittedly, the love compatibility between the astrological signs is very complex, as well as friendly compatibility, moreover. But there are certain basic principles that explain why, without necessarily being entirely compatible with them, you are always attracted to the same signs.

1. You Share The Same Item

Each sign has an astrological element: whether it is Fire, Earth, Air or Water. The calm and patient spirit of Taurus goes very well with the pragmatism of Virgo and the stability of Capricorn. Fire signs share enthusiasm and unpredictability, Air signs love ideas and thinking, while Water signs are steeped in intuition and introversion. Did we just solve the mystery of the composition of the Hogwarts houses in “Harry Potter”? Maybe.

2. Your signs are complementary

Pisces, do you immediately hook up with Virgos? Surprise: they are opposite and complementary signs and as often, opposites attract. If Pisces is intuitive and emotional, Virgo is more calm and temperate. On the other hand, the two have a hell of a nurse syndrome. We recommend that you check which sign opposes yours in the zodiac. You might be surprised to find them in large numbers around you or, if not, to go meet them.

3. This Sign Is Rare In Your Horoscope

Your crushes are exclusively Aquarius and you don’t even get along particularly well with them? Worse, they are extremely intolerant of you? Maybe it’s an underrepresented sign in your horoscope. Within your astrological profile, all the signs are present but in different quantities. It may be that if Aquarius is very discreet in you, you were looking for this seed of eccentricity in the other. Even if their snobbery annoys you. Yes, even in astrology, what annoys us and attracts us to others is often the same thing that we lack.

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