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July 2023 Horoscope: These Astrological Signs That Urgently Need a Vacation!

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Fatigue, need to breathe, stress… Some of the signs of the zodiac have a somewhat complicated start to the year. Focus on three signs that badly need a rest.

Lazy or not, some astrological signs will have to learn to take a break and a real one! Too much pressure, too much stress , all of this is not good for morale or general well-being. Here is the July 2023 horoscope in health bulletin form.

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Gemini: think about blowing!

In July, the sanity of carefree Gemini (May 21 – June 21) will be put to the test. You’ll work so hard that it’s hard to find time to relax with your loved ones . A small risk of depression is also to be watched in July. Gemini friends, take a step back and make sure your mood doesn’t negatively impact your relationships . This will be the right time to get away, to a place close to nature to recharge your batteries, for example.

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Capricorn: a weekend at the spa, anyone?

Ambitious Capricorns (December 23 – January 20) will need to take some rest in July. Both for your mental and physical health. Back and joint pain could also appear at the beginning of the month. Avoid activities that require too much physical effort, and relax instead in a massage institute, a spa, a thalasso for example. Some of you will even seek to take a vacation to travel!

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Pisces: release the pressure!

July is one of those times when sweet Pisces (July 20-March 20) will feel exhausted. Even if the planet Neptune protects you, you may encounter some small health problems, especially breathing. Nothing very dramatic , but these hassles will make you angry . Your loved ones will avoid you for a while to escape your nervousness. So take advantage of the weekends to get together and unwind.

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