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Horoscope: The First Week Of July Brings Good Luck To These Three Astrological Signs

Love, Glory, and Luck. The planets reserve beautiful surprises for these three astrological signs.

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Will you be part of the top ranking for the week of July 2 to 12, 2023?

The festival season has begun, and that of aperitifs and “tanning in the garden” afternoons too. Nothing to say, we are officially diving into the hottest period of the year. If the approach of summer does us good – here we have decided to challenge ourselves, 5 minutes of sunshine a day for more joy – the planets align and make us a promise: summer will be hot or will not! In the sky, everything is going very fast. The tempo quickens, the energies change. The situation is conducive to renewal. But, before being able to take full advantage of this atmosphere, the celestial bodies entrust us with a mission: that of reorganizing our daily lives to empty our minds and start afresh. Some habits could therefore be abandoned and new routines will emerge. There are all the same things that we care about and for which we are ready to enter into resistance. It is therefore impossible to ignore our famous ranking of the luckiest signs of the week. For whom the days from July 2 to 12, 2023 will be favorable? Once again, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié gave us his horoscope.

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Horoscope: Predictions From July 2 To 12, 2023

Venus has just entered the sign of Leo. The opportunity to revive the passion. Following the path of the heart and desires is not always easy. This requires success in making decisions and asserting oneself. As Venus in Leo restores our self-confidence, our sentimental relationships find a new balance. Rupture or formalization, flirtation, reorganization of the common schedule. There is on the one hand a need for freedom which springs up and on the other the desire to move forward with more clarity. To help us put our thoughts in order, Mercury, which lands in Gemini on Monday, and Neptune form a harmonious alliance. Communication and dreams come together to awaken our creative spirit. We must see this as a chance offered to us to take a new look at love.

More than ever, speech is free. We draw a line under the past, we make peace with events and we move forward. At least that’s what Pluto asks us to do retrograde, who will leave the sign of Aquarius to join that of Capricorn, this Monday, July 5th. What should be understood behind this change of address? If it is important to take stock and put your affairs in order, it is above all to realize the progress made. Conversations are meant to be more constructive, honest, and candid. Whether positive or negative, all thoughts are heightened. Our critical sense is sharper, and our desire to understand others is too. Result: important discussions could take place this week. If it’s not always pleasant to live with, it promises to free your mind.

Horoscope: Here Is The Luckiest Astrological Sign Of The Week

Gemini sees himself surrounded by a whole bunch of planets that only want him well. While it’s his birthday, the stars meet to make him shine with a convincing charm and destabilizing ease of living. “The Sun is in the middle of your sign, and this translates into increased vitality and a natural charisma that is expressed with ease,” says the astrologer. Then, starting Monday, our friend Gemini finds his favorite planet: Mercury. If the meeting promises to be colorful, it is above all because it allows the first sign of Air to give new impetus to his life. Finally, there is Venus in Leo, her best friend in the zodiac, which offers her an irresistible power of seduction.

What does all this mean? “The period is favorable for forging links”, creating surprise, making decisions more quickly and even being creative to think outside the box and dare to move forward into the unknown with confidence. “Take the opportunity to make contact with interlocutors who are sources of new ideas, because your creativity is currently in full swing”, advises the astrologer. Whether in their professional life or in their private life, Gemini stands out. Now is the time to build, to initiate projects, to promote your ideas. Everything he undertakes at this time will have a chance of ending in success. The icing on the cake: the week is ideal for relaxing and having a good time with the people he loves. Even the meetings will be sympathetic and useful to him in the future. Ride youth!

Horoscope: This Astrological Sign Is Particularly Lucky In Money

Cancer may repeat that the love of his loved ones is the only real treasure that is close to his heart, in fact, he does not say no to a small financial bonus. He may doubt it today, but when the planets take care of his savings, we know he will change his mind. And that’s good because in the coming days, he can count on the support of Venus and Mars, both present in his financial sector. This should be seen as the omen of “increased luck to facilitate your business and get things done”, promises Jean-Yves Espié. Translation: Cancer manages to obtain the material support they need to launch their projects and make their dreams come true.

We already announced it in his horoscope of the month, at the moment, Cancer “takes the tangent by deciding to emancipate”. The opportunity for him to fly on his own, to develop his own business, or to become independent. To help him take the leap by affirming his desire to take his destiny in hand, “Mercury as an accomplice sign facilitates negotiations, provided you rely on concrete elements and argue without letting yourself be dominated by emotion. “. It’s about gaining enough self-confidence to assert yourself. No bla-bla or doubt. Cancer knows what he wants and he intends to get it. A bonus, a promotion, a helping hand… Abundance reaches out to him, it’s up to him to succeed in seizing the ball on the leap. Watch out for reflexes!

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Horoscope: On The Heart Side, The Week Brings Luck To This Astrological Sign

When Venus and Mars harmonize, a subtle alloy of seduction and willpower takes over. This week, both planets turn their attention to Leo. The king of the zodiac who is currently welcoming Mars and Venus into his sky is more determined than ever to put his desires first. The stars “provide you with a delicious charisma to advance your projects”, underlines Jean-Yves Espié. If it’s ideal for negotiating at work, it is especially so for bringing about a renewal in your love life. “When the star of love visits you, it promotes your emotional outbursts and brings you flexibility and joie de vivre. Regarding the planet of action, its influence on your spirit of initiative is well established. »

Understand by this that Leo is bold. In the next few days, he dares to take the first step. His speech is freed, and his sensuality is highlighted. In short, he doesn’t hesitate for a second and gives himself body and soul to the causes or people that are close to his heart. Single, the flame of passion is such that Leo is sure to have a good meeting. Flirting is as exciting as the evening ahead. As a couple, Leo shows a lot of generosity. It opens a little more to its half. What an ideal week for two. Hearts beat in unison, and tensions eased. Living on love and fresh water, what if that was the key to happiness for Leo?


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