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Astrologers are of the opinion that the birth of a person under a certain zodiac sign is not accidental at all. This can provide valuable clues about past lives and the lesson that each of us must learn in this existence. Therefore, here is the lesson taught by your sign in this life.

Karma Aries

People who lived the lives of warriors, Amazons, athletes, and strategists are born in this sign. They are very dynamic, full of passion and desires, and very independent. They do not have very good relations with authority figures and always assert themselves in the groups they belong to. Their mission in this life is to discover the virtue of patience and to be much more thoughtful in the choices they make. At the same time, they must learn to think about the consequences before acting.

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Karma Taurus

This is the sign of courtesans, healers, religious leaders, and, in general, of all those who relied on their senses or spirituality to lead their existence. Tauruses are very rational people and, at the same time, have an inspiring dose of romance. However, they remain very well anchored in reality and are attracted to material riches. In this life, Taurus natives must discover the full balance between earthly and spiritual values.

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Karma Gemini

In another life, Gemini natives were people who lived in isolation. It is very possible that in another existence, those born now under this sign have led lives of monks who curbed their physical desires and the need for communication. Precisely for this reason, in this life, Gemini are open, talkative, sociable people. In general, they meet in their current life with people who, in their previous existence, were their brothers and with whom they broke ties. They can appear in their lives in the form of close friends, children, or parents.

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Karma Cancer

In other lives, Cancers have always taken care of others. They were, perhaps, ladies of honor, abbesses or abbesses, educators or caretakers of orphans. That is precisely why, in this existence, Cancers feel the need to focus more on themselves. The sign under which they were born now determines them to want a family of their own and to find their satisfaction and fulfillment only when they establish a home. Cancers must learn to control their jealousy born from the fear of abandonment, the fear inherited from the previous life, living without family and only for the good of others.

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Karma Leo

As if to fully satisfy the proverbial pride of Leos, in another life, these natives were kings or queens, presidents or, at least, high-ranking nobles. Moreover, because they devoted themselves a lot to the public plan, they ignored the private one, which is why they karmically burdened themselves with the people who, in this life, are part of their families. To pay off their debt, Leos must be very close to their relatives, especially their children, and learn to give up their pride from time to time for the sake of their loved ones.

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Karma Virgo

In another life, natives in Fecioara were predominantly inclined towards spirituality and, at the same time, were very connected to the earth. They were most likely priests, healers, druids, people for whom nature was extremely important. Their birth in an earth sign is not accidental and shows their deep connection with this element. They will learn their lesson through the characteristics of the sign in which they were born, that is to say, to now bring material values ​​to fruition and to be very well anchored in reality, in order to be a support to others.

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Karma Libra

In other lives, Libra natives were symbols of beauty or creators of beauty. Therefore, most of them lived their lives in the area of ​​arts. They certainly did not lack vanity, inherited by many of them in this life as well, as well as the love for beauty. In their current existence, Libras have a special aesthetic sense and this can be seen even in the clothes they wear. In this life, their purpose is to beautify the lives of those around them, but the most important lesson is to give up vanity.

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Karma Scorpion

From a karmic point of view, Scorpio natives are people who have led difficult previous lives, lived in isolation, and committed or witnessed terrible acts of violence that produced not only physical death but also spiritual death, through the destruction of certain principles. That is precisely why, around them, there is an air of mystery. If they don’t discipline themselves, Scorpios can turn into energy vampires, even if they don’t realize it. Light is the lesson you have to learn in this life, and above all, how to live without grudges, hatred, and regrets.

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Karma Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign of those who in another life were riders, explorers, nomads, and adventurers. In this life, they brought an appetite for new things, the desire to experience, travel, and know. They often live disorganized, but despite this, they are very optimistic. The lesson that Sagittarius natives must learn in this life is structure, both external and internal. This means that they have to put their thoughts in order and, from time to time, at least, respect the rules.

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Karma Capricorn

People who were born in Capricorn now have most likely reached the end of the cycle of incarnations and have taken many existences. It is difficult to determine the lesson they have to learn precisely because of the number of previous lives. Their sign determines them to be ambitious both professionally and spiritually. In this life, Capricorns alone will choose which exams to pass and will figure out for themselves what lesson they have to learn. It is clear that they are old spirits and will have a complex life, at the end of which, most likely, they will know perfection.

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Karma Aquarius

A controversial theory says that those people who, in another life, lived in Atlantis are born in the sign of Aquarius. Although not all astrologers approve of this theory, the widely accepted consensus is that Aquarius is the sign under which inventors, energy healers and, in general, all those people who have contributed to the progress of society, in one form or another, are born. In this life, Aquarians seem to live one step ahead of the current times. This can often work to their advantage but, at the same time, they must learn to temper their dreamy side and come down from time to time with their feet on the ground.

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Karma Pisces

People are born in Pisces who have led lives of sacrifice in other existences. Then, in their pasts, they lived exclusively for spiritual values ​​and offered unconditional love. At the same time, they went through experiences that shook their souls, most likely they were martyrs or they went through suffering, long years of imprisonment, and abandonment. For this reason, in this life, Pisces need relaxation, sometimes solitude, to put their thoughts in order. At the same time, they must learn to accept that suffering is part of life and cannot always be avoided. The easiest way to do this is to take more risks, especially in your romantic life. On the other hand, another controversial theory says that indigo spirits are born in the sign of Pisces,

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